Target – You Minx, I Heart You.


I have an addiction.


My addiction is Target.

I love Target.

Almost as much as my four-year-old.

Why do I love Target?  Let me count the ways.

First, walking into the store feels like a hug.  It feels like home.

It’s like the store is saying, Maria, you are welcome here.  We don’t care that you are buying Oreos AND sugar free protein bars because while you do want to eat healthy you also realize that sometimes you have to sneak an Oreo in the closet because that’s the only way you feel human during your long stay at home periods of time.

See, Target just gets me.

Then, there’s the fact that inside the Target I go to is a Starbucks.  I know, I’m becoming more and more OC the longer I live here and quite frankly I DON’T CARE!  I love me some cold brewed coffee and I’m not afraid to shout it from the rooftops! {Even he wants a Starbucks!}IMG_4032

I especially love how it’s basically a one-stop shop.  Groceries? Check.  Card, gift bag, gift and tissue paper?  Check.  Incredibly adorable dress that I don’t need, but desperately want and OH LOOK it’s on SALE which means I can buy two?!  Check AND check.

Sometimes my shopping trip may take longer than I anticipated and I get a bit hungry.  Well, look no further because Target has that covered too!  A convenient place to get a yummy lunch.  Oh Target, I heart thee.

And depending on the time of day it also provides the validation I need as a mother.  There could be not one, not two but possibly three or even four other moms with screaming children all dragging them out of Target, just like me.  It’s like we are bonded by this special love we have for Target, despite whatever obstacles may be in our way {and by obstacles I mean screaming children}, we WILL go to Target and we WILL shop.

I think the best part about the entire Target experience is that at the end of it all, I get a little reminder about how much money I’ve saved while not only on that particular shopping experience but on all of my shopping for the entire year.  It’s like a fantastic high-five from my favorite place!

Do YOU love Target?



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