Wordle Is The Next Pandemic Season


Sourdough bread, puzzles, Animal Crossing, dalgona coffee. All of these come to mind when we think through different random pandemic ‘seasons’ we have had. What else needs to be on the list?! Surely we forgot some. But what is next? Wordle. Wordle is the next pandemic season.


Have you joined in yet?

I tend to be slow jumping on trends, but… true confessions…I have hard core jumped on the Wordle train.

It’s not an app. Not a game with weird characters or points. It is simply a website where you guess the daily word. It feels weirdly nostalgic like a crossword puzzle in the Sunday newspaper.

(And in fact, The New York Times just announced they have purchased Wordle for a low 7 figure sum!)


Here is how Wordle works:

You get six attempts to guess the 5 letter word of the day. In each attempt you get hints for the letters you have guessed. You are told if the letter is not included (it shows up grey), if it’s included but in the wrong slot (it shows up yellow), or if it’s correct and correctly placed (it shows up green).

For me, it’s fun to see how quickly I can guess it and truthfully it’s very much about luck depending on how close I get in the first 1-2 guesses. It feels easy enough that I can do it while drinking my first cup of coffee in the morning, but hard enough that I legit feel proud when I guess it lol. #thisis36

Some of the pandemic seasons have been questionable (I thought the coffee was gross!) but I welcome Wordle as the next pandemic season with open arms.

Click here to try it out if you haven’t yet. And let us know in the comments below – what do you think about Wordle??


Wordle Is the Next Pandemic Season PIN