Top 10 SCARIEST Things That Can Be Said To a MOM!


scaryiestBeing a mom can be pretty scary.  In fact, my own mother told my father she wasn’t sure she was ready to do this as they were speeding to the hospital to have me.  

It’s a fact – Moms are SCARED!  

But then we have the babies and some of our fears subside, and others get multiplied.  And so – here is our list of the top 10 SCARIEST things that can be said to a MOM!  

10. “Mommy, I went potty.” – Only you aren’t near a restroom.  Why must potty trained children decide to NOT go to the bathroom in the bathroom?  

9. “Mom, I have a project due tomorrow.” – The old I have a project due tomorrow and it requires 27 hours of strategic planning to make it perfect.  The only problem is it’s 9pm and the stores are closed.  

8. “Mommy what’s for dinner?” – This one gets us every time.  Especially when we’ve forgotten to thaw the meat ahead of time. 

7. “Hi, Johnny’s mother, this is the school principal, we need to talk.” – And the talk they have is about Johnny’s little drawing of what his mommy likes to do and it is you holding a bottle of wine while apparently dancing on a pole – head palm!

6. Target is closed – I’m sorry what?  How else am I supposed to do, well, anything?!  

5. “Honey, where is the diaper bag?” – Why is it always our job to bring the diaper bag?  And why must the baby decide to have a blow out the one time you forget the diaper bag?!

4.  “Mommy, look what the baby did!” – Most people would assume this is going to be exciting.  But in my experience this usually means that there is going to be an explosion of red marker all over my couch.

3. Silence – It’s almost the scariest thing that can be not said to a mom.  I mean, we’ve all been there, right?

2. We’re out of coffee. – Pretty much one of the absolute scariest things that can happen to a mom.  I mean – HOW ELSE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE?!

1. There’s no more wine. – There are NO words!  No wine?  Nope.  Then I’m just going to go back to bed and pretend the day has not started.

What would make your top 10 list??

Hope your Halloween is frightfully fun and SAFE!