North OC Private School Guide

north oc private school

North OC Private School Guide

Finding the perfect Private School for your family can be a challenge. There are SO many amazing options in and around Orange County. Which is why we are so excited to bring you our North OC Private School Guide!

We hope that our guide will help you find the perfect fit for your family!

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AmeriMont Academy

AmeriMont Academy

At AmeriMont Academy, we strive to be a diverse community of students, parents, and staff, dedicated to creating a peaceful and loving environment. Our students are empowered and inspired to reach their full academic, emotional, physical, and intellectual potential.

International School of Orange County

international school of orange county lycee

The International School of Orange County is a full immersion bilingual French-English program committed to academic excellence in a nurturing and intimate environment that encourages personal initiative, creativity, and curiosity. Our Preschool through Kindergarten curriculum adapts the French Ministry of Education’s official program to the bicultural and bilingual context. The overall goal is to allow children to grow in a happy environment where they will acquire a healthy desire for knowledge. The principal anchors of our program are:

  • Developing communication skills through language (speech and comprehension) and through behavior in a social context
  • Developing body and mind through physical education and artistic activities (dancing, singing, drawing, etc.)
  • Enhancing interest and natural curiosity through field trips, hands-on projects, and group work.

The French early learning system uses a three center approach for learning: Direct Instruction, Guided Instruction and Autonomous Learning.

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