When My Friends Without Kids Talk – Shown In Gifs

Friends without kids

Before I had children I used to think that when a mom complained about not having enough time to shower that she clearly was being lazy.  Didn’t babies sleep all day? Couldn’t she squeeze in a shower when the baby was, I don’t know SLEEPING??  I feel like slapping my former self.


Then the Universe decided to make a mockery of me with two children who refused to sleep {which is why I smell, because I don’t have time to SHOWER!}  And sometimes, when I hear my friends without kids talk about almost anything, I can’t help but have a range of emotions flood through my veins.  Some of these emotions are rage, while others are complete and utter jealousy.

#1 – When my friends talk about how tired they are – don’t even talk to me I can’t and won’t continue in this conversation.



#2 – When they talk about spontaneously getting away for the weekend – Please tell me more so that I can live vicariously through you and your adventures while I sit at home on Friday nights attempting to stay awake to watch DATELINE.



#3 – When they about going to a fancy new restaurant that serves things on tiny wooden trays with cute names and I’m sitting over here at Islands wishing they hadn’t gotten rid of their bottomless fries because my kids throw them on the floor and leave me with NOTHING!


#4 – When my friends without kids talk about their Saturday morning hike by the beach – and I’m all yeah I do that too!



#5 – When they talk about having nothing to wear and I’m all “yoga pants for the win!”


#6 – When my friends without kids talk about the movie they saw over the weekend.



#7 – When my friends complain that they only had sex three times this week.



If you’re one of my friends without kids, thank you for reading my moms blog!  And know that I love you, and am often jealous of your life.  For those of you who may be about to have your first child – you’ll TOTALLY be different, right??  


**ALL gifs are from Giphy.com

When My Friends Without Kids Talk


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