I’m a DAD and I Watch The Bachelor


I'm a dad and I watch the bachelor

I’m 38, married, have two kids and run my own business. Monday evenings should be dedicated to prepping lunches and reading bedtime stories, but instead- I rush to put the kids to bed to watch…The Bachelor!

I know, I know, I can hear your chuckles as I type this. I laughed even harder when my wife told me they created a Bachelor Fantasy League at the office. And no, I didn’t laugh at her (cause that would put me on the couch), but I laughed at the concept of having a TV show operate like a fantasy sports league.

As I stood in the kitchen listening to my wife break down the rules, I had an idea, “I’m going to watch this and pick the winner.”

Women don’t know guys, guys know guys.

So I sat and watched my first episode with every intention of picking the winner and being done. Except, I found myself asking questions like: Where did they find these women? These women have some good careers! How did they get time off work to shoot this?

And from there it went to: What is this girl crying about? Did you forget there’s a camera recording everything? Oh, you are gonna regret that. Wonder what your father thinks of that scene?

All I can say is, thank god my daughter is 18 months and not 23-28 years old. Otherwise, this blog might read like an episode of Jerry Springer. 

All jokes aside, I know my daughter will eventually be the age of these women- I’m not naïve. I know she is going to do things and make mistakes. She’s going to chase the bad boy, push away the sensitive one, and hopefully learn from each experience.

If she has anything in common with some of these women I hope it is this, I hope that she travels, experiences life, understands her self-worth and focuses on her career; before she thinks about settling down.

But I know that what I want may be the complete opposite of what she wants. And I will have to accept that. But if she does wind up on a show like the Bachelor, I hope she’s the best version of herself that she can be.

Scarlett, I love you!

– Marc.

PS: I’ve been watching since Chris’s season and failed at picking a winner until last season of The Bachelorette. Thanks, Kaitlyn, I guess I think more like a girl.

I'm a DAD and I Watch The Bachelor