Combat The Increasingly (Anti)Social Media Newsfeed


Combat The Increasingly (Anti)Social Media NewsfeedAre you becoming frustrated with your newsfeed? You are not alone. In the past week, I am aware of no fewer than 7 friends who have bid various forms of social media, adieu. Likely, this number will rise. I can also say that I dread opening my Facebook app due to see little more than political rants, opinions, denunciations or memes. 

What happened to the bucolic space filled with photos of adorable children, drunken nights and silly jokes? 

I certainly don’t want to belittle the right of free speech. That’s not what this is about. I am greatly proud that so many people are genuinely taking an interest in what is happening in this country and that there are outlets for them to do so. Free speech is SO IMPORTANT. Let me say that a different way: your right to say whatever it is you would like to say on any (literally) given topic is a cornerstone for what makes this country amazing.

I am, however, extremely disheartened to see the amount of ugliness currently filling our social pages. 

This is not a one-sided event. This phenomenon is no longer relegated to my ‘opinionated’ or ‘political’ friends. It has spread to the ‘meek Aunt’ and the person who used to sit behind me in Sophmore English.

I love having friends that aren’t clones of me and my beliefs. In fact, I may also feel very strongly in favor (or against) what is on my feed. However, I detest witnessing friends, colleagues and acquaintances write things about one another in a manner in which they certainly (okay, 99% of them anyway) would not do so, standing face to face.

If you are so impassioned with an issue and feel the need to post something about it, by all means, do so.

It is your right.

I humbly request you fact check beforehand and be prepared for possible negative feedback. Above all, be gracious towards those who may not see eye-to-eye with your opinion. I know this may seem condescending and blatantly obvious; yet, here I am writing about it.

Here is my simple request to us moms, let’s change this. Let’s set aside our differences and focus on what brings us together– our families. Let’s bring back silly pictures at Disneyland and Mom’s Night Out. Post your kid holding his or her first place ribbon in backstroke. Awesome snowman? Bring it. 

Please, will you help make social media ‘social’ again?

Combat The Increasingly (Anti)Social Media Newsfeed

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