Kimberly Cole

Kimberly Cole
I am a mother of two loud little boys and a wife to one very handsome hard working man. I am somewhat of a renaissance woman and work a handful of odd jobs when they become available. To name a few, Hair Stylist, Optometrist assistant, Production Coordinator, Student Interview Coordinator, Event Manager, Blogger, Sign Maker and Make-up Artist for old men. I also co-lead a group of moms with young kids through the hard and some time isolating season of early motherhood. I currently attend Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, Ca working on my BA. Outside of these commitments I love a good binge watch on Netflix, a tall glass of Pinot Noir and dark chocolate!
halloween costumes for pregnant moms

Fun Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Moms Who Want To Dress Up

Hey There Pregnant Mama! We have some of the best Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Moms! Don't worry, we got you covered from fully dressed up, couples costumes to comfy and cute! Enjoy this fun...
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How Virtual Beer Festivals Saved My Quarantine

If you would have told me nine months ago that I would be attending virtual beer festivals I would have laughed! See, I am a big fan of hanging out at local breweries! I am...
fibo art classes

Free Fibo Art Classes For Kids

It’s been over 2 weeks of being trapped in our homes with the tiny people we created! I feel like some days I’ve been creative with ways to entertain and other days it’s the...
finding the joy

Finding The Joy In What Your Kids Love

Sometimes I find it hard to connect with my 6-year-old son on his level. Between the newest Pokemon (and all the cards to go with it), and whatever Ben10 is and all the "characters"...
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What To Do If You Can’t Get Into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

So you couldn’t snag reservations to the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge or simply did not want to brave the crowds. That’s ok! We have a handful of fun things to do without stepping foot...

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