Kimberly Cole

I am a mother of two loud little boys and a wife to one very handsome hard working man. I am somewhat of a renaissance woman and work a handful of odd jobs when they become available. To name a few, Hair Stylist, Optometrist assistant, Production Coordinator, Student Interview Coordinator, Event Manager, Blogger, Sign Maker and Make-up Artist for old men. I also co-lead a group of moms with young kids through the hard and some time isolating season of early motherhood. I currently attend Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, Ca working on my BA. Outside of these commitments I love a good binge watch on Netflix, a tall glass of Pinot Noir and dark chocolate!
finding the joy

Finding The Joy In What Your Kids Love

Sometimes I find it hard to connect with my 6-year-old son on his level. Between the newest Pokemon (and all the cards to go with it), and whatever Ben10 is and all the "characters"...
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge alternatives

What To Do If You Can’t Get Into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

So you couldn’t snag reservations to the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge or simply did not want to brave the crowds. That’s ok! We have a handful of fun things to do without stepping foot...