Spending the Holidays with the Chevy Trailblazer

chevy trailblazer
Chevrolet provided us a vehicle and an experience in exchange for this post.

Our family was lucky enough to have the opportunity to drive around an amazing scarlet, metallic red 2021 Chevy TrailBlazer.

We drove around town doing our normal routine which included driving our oldest son back and forth to school, running the errands to pick up curbside groceries and deliveries, and ultimately picking up take-out. Thanks to the OC Mom’s Collective’s upcoming holiday projects, we also used the vehicle in a holiday filming for Christmas on a particularly blustery October day.

How fun is the Chevy Trailblazer?!

The answer is so fun!

Finding fun ways to use this car to the fullest made a trip to Irvine to do our annual visit to Tanaka Farms. This year’s COVID-compliant, social-distanced offerings included a drive-thru pumpkin patch with several facts and history of the farm and Tanaka family as well as tidbits and figures about different produce and yields the farm turns out at different seasons in the year.

And the Chevy Trailblazer was the perfect fit for all of our drive-thru experiences!

The drive-thru itself also included a fun, in-car scavenger hunt and quiz-sheet for both boys to do during the tour! We pulled back the sunroof and soaked up the sun! The boys LOVED “their new car”, even though we kept reminding them it was on loan. I loved that I could wave my foot under the cute little chevy logo under the back bumper and the hatchback opened on his own! We weren’t fumbling for keys with our hands full of pumpkins and popcorn!

At around dusk, we pulled the car into a pop-up drive-in movie theater and surprised the boys with their favorite movie of all time and fall-favorite: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Chevy so kindly gifted us the tickets and upgrade them to include a bag of popcorn and fresh lemonade each! We moved the car seats to the driver and passenger seat and laid the back down, threw down some blankets and it was the perfect viewing setup!

I had never seen a setting like this before but the hatchback and the option to only open ¾ of the way! These little design details are what really make the Chevy Trailblazer stand out.

So we were able to lay down in the back of the car with the hatch open and block viewers around us. We played the audio for the movie in the car through an FM transmitter and this Trailblazers premium sound system did not disappoint.

My boys have never seen their favorite movie on the big screen but they were in heaven because it sounded like we were right there in the middle of Halloween Town. Getting there early to get the best spot was awesome until we forgot that the boys couldn’t run around and play due to COVID protocols. Never fear! This car has it’s own WiFi!!

What? I know! The Chevy Trailblazer to the rescue!

We turned on the WiFi and the boys got a little time in playing with their tablets, munching their popcorn, laughing, and enjoying our time together!

We drove this Trailblazer all over Orange County, from Brea to Ladera Ranch, and what felt like everywhere in between on a tank of gas. I don’t think I have ever owned any type of SUV that has allowed for that.

I loved the phone charger in the dash that you could just set your phone on to charge and instantly fell in love with Carplay!

The car could sit in the console without me needing to touch it because Carplay had it handled. I was skeptical of the “Driver’s Confidence Package”. It’s the feature that helps to indicate the care car is moving too fast for an object in front of it and is too close to stop comfortably and the ability to “nudge” the vehicle back into its own lane when a drift is detected. But we always felt very safe and even more so with the extra help from these features. The lane control too was so interesting, I was again skeptical but by the first day, I grew to love it. It never felt overbearing but it was nice to have what felt like a second set of eyes to help me out!

Overall we love love LOVED our time with the Chevy Trailblazer and if I’m honest I was super sad to see it go! I think my favorite part was how intentional we were with our time to make the most of our time with this sweet car! We drove all over looking for the best Halloween decorations and blows ups! (Check out this post all about our love for Blow Ups) Though Halloween is over and it looked very different than we had thought it would it was so fun to have new experiences that Chevy was able to provide for us! I’m excited to see what the holidays hold and what fun experiences we have to explore!