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fibo art classes

It’s been over 2 weeks of being trapped in our homes with the tiny people we created! I feel like some days I’ve been creative with ways to entertain and other days it’s the iPad babysitter – And if I’m honest I only feel SLIGHTLY bad about that. We found a great resource from an AMAZING company that I wanted to share with other parents, which is trying to make art available to every kid all over the world – Fibo Art classes.

They normally have in-person classes, but obviously that is near impossible at the moment. Jasmine, the owner and founder, has been working diligently to get classes online for her students and has opened it up to all of us! What? I know!

Jasmine was born into an artistic family. She has always been a part of art in some way, along with her mom and sisters. Jasmine open Fibo Art about 15 years ago and it has grown into this beautiful “Fibo Village.” While it is unconventional to offer free classes to all, she feels that it is her duty to be able to offer these free classes, to get her teachers working for as long as she can.

She wants to give kids all over the world the gift of art and a place to express themselves and learn.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I just want to spread the word about this awesome place.

Great news for us – you can join these Fibo art classes for free.

There are multiple ones every day for every age group! My 6-year-old has been a budding artist for the last few years and took his first class last week with another one lined up for later today and tomorrow! He is learning about different artists, their style of work, and easy to explain step-by-step instructions. He’s also learning to wait for ALL the instructions before moving on cause ya know…he’s six!

The classes are on Zoom and all the materials needed are listed ahead of time.

They have offered a supply list that I got all from Amazon but you can always use what you have! I actually followed along and made the same drawing on my iPad Pro – he did not get any artistic ability from me that is for sure!

fibo art classes example

How to join? Click on this link and it will take you to Fibo Art’s website with an invitation to join the facebook group. Once in the group you can click the “Event” tab and see the different classes offered and at what time. I respond “Going” to the classes and then “Add to Calendar” cause I don’t even know what day or time it is half the time!

It’s a fun and creative activity for the kids where they get to learn and feel accomplished.

Jasmine and her team are incredible in their instruction and making it fun. You can see the heart they all have for kids and art! It truly just pours out of them!

They are even offering Virtual Birthday Party options for a VERY discounted price! Going to check those out for my 6 almost 7 yo as it looks like we will still be in quarantine for his birthday!

fibo art classes artwork

We are doing mainly “Lil’ Picasso” classes (PK – 1st Grade) but this weekend our 3 year old is doing a “Mommy and Me” class and he couldn’t be more excited! If you see us on there be sure to say hi – looking forward to learning and growing with you all!

Hang in there parents! You are doing a GREAT job!

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    My son in 4 years old and we are looking for virtual activities that we can do at home. Your program was recommended to us. I was wondering what time the classes are at? How far in advance do you send the supply list out? What age is this best suited for?

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