Local Animal Rescues And Other Ways To Help Animals In Need

Local Animal Rescues

That phrase of “who rescued who” always felt too cliche for me until our family rescued their own pup…and well, the rest is history. Getting a dog was truly the best thing I have done for our family and you can read more about it here. When you are done, come back and we can dig into some places where YOU can rescue your own life-changing family member.

There are SO many sites out there for you to search for animals that need rescue.

For us, we knew some sort of breed we wanted and what age so we narrowed our search filters down and literally hoped all over every one of these sites!

Annnnd….Cue Sarah McLachlan singing “In the Arms of an Angel” as you scroll through all these cute dogs needing homes!


One-Stop Sites:

The larger sites are nice because they have a broad look at all of the local rescues and can help connect you with them, versus you trying to search every individual rescue. Our family is new to having a dog and even more so to searching for rescues, but some people even have their own favorite rescues they either find their pets from or donate to because they just love their work.

Shelter Helper 

OC Animal Care – This is also a great resource if your pet ever goes missing. They update their website throughout the day when they pick up lost animals.



PetSmart Charities – Beyond the website, you can sometimes find pop-ups at your local PetSmart hosted by different rescues where you can meet the available pets there!

Local FB Groups – It just takes a simple search on Facebook and you will find local animal rescues for every breed, animal, and location you can imagine! I enjoy following them for the adoption stories when you can see a happy ending!


Local OC Rescues:

Some local animal rescues that are right here in OC. Make sure to call or email first before you go. Sometimes the animals are in foster homes and not in the location on the website.

Girls of Dog Rescue – Located in Tustin

Good Dog-Dog Talk – Located in Brea

Irvine Animal Care Center – Located in Irvine

Muttly Crew – Located in Lake Forest

Mutts in Need – Located in Newport Beach

Pardon Me Inc – Located in Anaheim Hills

Shamrock Rescue Foundation – Located in Santa Ana

The Little Red Dog – Located in Lake Forest

WAGS Pet Adoption – Located in Westminster


A Rescue for Every Breed:

There are even rescues for each specific breed of animal you are looking for! Your GO-TO place if you know exactly what you are looking for! Here are just of few of the MANY!

Beans Beagle Rescue

Bichon Rescue Brigade

California Miniature Schnauzer Rescue

California Poodle Rescue

California Yorkie Rescue

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

Orange County Pit Bull Rescue 

Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue – Corgi Rescue but seriously that name! So cute!

Southern California Bulldog Rescue

Southern California Dachshund Relief

Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue

Southern California Pomeranian Rescue

West Coast Labrador Retriever Rescue


Just Outside of OC:

If you aren’t finding what you were hoping for, I encourage you to look a little farther outside the 10-mile range of Orange County. I promise it’s worth it. Here are a few that aren’t in OC but aren’t too far of a trek for a forever friend.

Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary – Located in Wildomar. This one is special to us cause they did everything they could to save Albus’s leg from amputation before we got him. They truly loved him like their own. You can find his story on their Facebook!

Loving All Animals – Located in Coachella

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue – Located in Tehachapi

Ozzie and Friends Rescue – Located in Rowland Heights

Paws4Thought Animal Rescue – Located in Bonita

Priceless Pets – Located in Chino Hills, Claremont, and Costa Mesa

Wags & Walks – Located in LA


Ways You Can Help:

You may find yourself not ready for animals in your home just yet. I know, I was you…and that’s ok! There are some amazing rescues you can donate to that are doing good work. You can always donate to any of the rescues listed above as well!

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Animal Aid Unlimited

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Best Friends Animal Society

California Wildfire Emergency Dog Rescue Fund

Farm Sanctuary

Friends of Orange County Homeless Pets

Hope for Paws

House with a Heart – Senior Pet Sanctuary

K9s For Warriors

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The American Pit Bull Foundation


Hope you enjoyed the local animal rescues and other ways to help animals in need. There are so many ways to find your own newest family member or to support the amazing people who continue to work hard to save every animal. Now that the “In The Arms of an Angels” is over we can gather up our tissues and be grateful for the good cry.

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