3 Reasons to Watch Encanto with Your Kids


“We don’t talk about Bruno…no, no, no…. “

If you haven’t seen Disney’s ENCANTO yet then you probably have no idea what that was all about lol. But if you have seen ENCANTO, you 100% sung along with me…I just know it!

We watched the movie basically immediately when it was released to Disney+ and it did NOT disappoint.


Here are 3 reasons why I think you need to watch ENCANTO with your kids:


#1 – Representation.

ENCANTO is diverse in skin tones, personalities, gifts, and body types. I was personally so excited to see different body types represented. The characters in this movie don’t fall into the mold of what many past princesses have fallen into, but rather they show women that all look differently.

It also wasn’t lost on me the beauty of showing different women, with different skin tones, different body types, and different strengths all from the same family. Isn’t that how families work?! I loved it so much.


#2 – The message.

Without giving any spoilers, part of the message is all about how everyone is different and can bring different things to the table to make a difference. No one’s gift is greater than the next person’s. And we are much stronger together.

It can be so easy for our kids to disqualify themselves or think they aren’t as important/impactful/fill-in-the-blank as the kid next to them. We see the characters wrestle with this too as they struggle to let down walls and let go of expectations.

This movie calls out that lie and shows them that being true to who they are is the greatest gift they can live out.


#3 – The music.

I’m not going to lie…we sing the songs constantly in our house. They are so catchy and so fun. And want to know something crazy?! The song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno has surpassed “Let it Go” from FROZEN! Gasp!

Not just in my house, but out in the rest of the world too. Fun fact: “Let It Go” peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has already hit #1 and is still going strong.

So, spill it! Have you seen it yet? What did you think? I’d love to hear!

And if you haven’t watched yet…I hope these 3 reasons to watch ENCANTO helped push you over the edge. Grab your kids, pop some popcorn, and watch this movie ASAP! 🙂


3 Reasons to Watch Encanto with Your Kids PIN