How I Wish I Could Answer Preschool Application Questions

How I wish I could answer preschool application questions

When my son turned three I decided it was time I started to check out the preschools in my area.  Little did I know that not only would preschool cost more than my first car payment, but I would also have to fill out a form with preschool application questions about my son.

Have you answered any of these crazy questions with your child?  I mean I did, I just didn’t quite answer in the most truthful way I possibly could.  Most of my answers involved heavy reading and the ability to imagine dragons.  I wish I could have been bold enough to answer with the honest truth.

And so – This is how I wish I could have answered my son’s preschool application questions – the whole truth and nothing, but the truth!

  • “If we were to walk into your child’s classroom, how would we know which child was yours?”You would know which one was mine by his bed-head and intense love of action hero apparel.  Also, he may have his shoes on the wrong feet, it’s a crapshoot in the morning.
  • “What is your child’s favorite book?” His favorite book is the one that gets us to bedtime the fastest.  Yes, I know I should be reading him longer books, but he can’t read and therefore is unaware that I’m skipping to the end.
  • “What type of communicator is your child?” If by communication you mean grunting, whining, pointing, crying and saying cukoo poopey head then I would say he is an excellent communicator.  He also is unafraid to use his voice, or the volume of his voice.  It’s quite piercing and therefore extremely easy to find him – even if you are at the loudest restaurant you can find.
  • “How does your child interact with other children?” As long as they don’t steal his toys we’re good.  If not, prepare for the world to end and a massive tantrum to ensue.
  • “What activities does your child enjoy?” He loves playing in the dirt and getting everything sticky.  He’s really good at wiping his boogers anywhere other than a tissue.  He enjoys peeing around the toilet, but not necessarily in it.
  • “What are some of his greatest achievements?” {REALLY?} Avoiding bedtime and coming up with excuses as to why he isn’t tired is one of his greatest achievements.  He also has memorized the route to the toy section at Target, which I find to be extremely impressive considering he is only three.
  • “Finally, what are your child’s character strengths and what are your child’s character weaknesses?”  I guess his strengths would be that he tells the truth, especially when explaining to my husband how we went to Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, and Target all in the same morning.  He seemingly is able to recall all of those facts and yet when I ask him what he did with his grandparents he can’t remember.  His character weaknesses would most likely be his inability to understand that wifi is not something I can create out of thin air.  And yes, I do allow him to watch an iPad.  Because I rock at parenting.

What are some of your TRUTHFUL answers?

How I wish I could answer preschool application questions