5 Top Spots For Your Kid’s Birthday Party


As we kick start the new year, I have no doubt that parents across OC will be on the hunt for a good, fun, affordable, place to celebrate their kid’s birthday party this year. I am currently that parent/mom. In fact, I was up until way past midnight the other night, searching just this, and it was a little overwhelming.

Last year, I wrote an article on 8 Reasons to Host Your Toddler’s Party at an OC Park, and while I still think the park is a fantastic party option, especially in a place like Orange County, the cooler OC air during these first few months, indoor options are increasingly sought out. Key considerations for an indoor location include party size (indoor options will have max. capacity), desired duration (2 hours is the standard party package time), child age, and of course, budget. On the plus side, packages usually include help with set-up and clean-up, so a great way to relieve some of the organizational stress.

Throughout the last few years, I’ve been to several indoor birthday parties, and here are my top 5:


We joined a first year birthday party here, which was an ideal location for this age group. The venue is small so your kiddo can’t really get lost, and activities are all pretty basic, so heading too high up, or the risk of getting hurt is pretty minimal. Parties can be tailored to a range of age groups, with games, activities, rides, and circle-time fun. I liked that you had private access to both the gym and the party room during the designated time. Party packages include 2 hours of MyGym fun and start at $475. More information can be found here.

We Play Loud

With a couple of locations in Orange County (Huntington Beach and Lake Forest), this is a great option for a party. We celebrated a three year old at the Lake Forest location – it was the first time we visited, and my kids had a fantastic time. There is a separate play area for younger kids, which I really liked. While adults were not allowed in parts of the main play area, I was happy to see that they were allowed on the large slide – hours of fun! Similar to MyGym, you had access to the party room during the party time, though the rest of the play area was open to the public. Party rooms can host a maximum of 55 guests, starting at $299 for a 2 hour party. More information can be found here.


I visited here for the first time last year, after hearing a lot about it, and are scheduled to attend a birthday party here next week. Located in Santa Ana at MainPlace Mall, it felt similar to We Play Loud, though was a little smaller. It also had a separate area for toddlers, which I continue to be a big fan of, even as my kids get a little older (the area is for under 5s) – it feels like a safer place which is confined, kids can’t get lost inside a maze, and there’s a lower risk of being hurt by an energetic, bigger kid. A great bonus for CandeeLand is the on-site café. Coffee while the kids play? Yes, please! Party packages start at $250 and include 3 hours – 2 hours of play, and the final hour in the party room – with balloon decorations included. There are options to bring your own food, or add on pizza and juice. More information can be found here.


This is by far the most popular party venue with my four (nearly five) year old’s friends circle at the moment. While the party format is largely the same, all four parties we’ve been to over the past few months have felt a little different with the various add-on options party planners can choose. Kids have access to two separate rooms (one after the other, not simultaneously) with various inflatables – the time in each room is private and only includes the party guests, which feels like a good, safe option. Both rooms also have a few non-inflatable games, like throwing hoops, air hockey and little bouncey and ride-on scooters so there’s a lot of fun for everyone. Party packages are 2 hours and access to the party room is only provided during the end of the party time (when food is served). Pizza is included in the package, which is a plus – if you like pizza! One thing I really liked about this venue is the special attention given to the birthday child, with a special grand entrance created. Photo snaps are also taken during the party by a BounceU host and show up on a slide show during pizza (and cake) time – this was a nice and personal touch, which I hadn’t seen at any of the other venues. More information can be found here.

Chuck E. Cheese

As a British kid, watching American TV, I dreamed to have my birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese – or just go to one there! My dream came true when my daughter was less than a year old, and got her first birthday party invite – to none other than a Chuck E. Cheese party! Though she couldn’t do much at that time, we’ve been back since and this is another great option for a birthday party – in fact, we’re off to a fifth year birthday party here at the end of the month, and I think that’s a good age (or older) for the venue. There’s fun for all ages, although worth being mindful that the play area is still open to the public. With multiple locations across Orange County, party packages work per guest, starting at $26.99 per child. Packages include arcade games, pizza and a drink, a reserved table for 2 hours, and a live birthday show with Chuck E. Additional food (including for adults) can also be ordered, including wine and beer. More information can be found here.

There are of course, many more party venues available, but all of the above are fantastic options that would make for a great party! Wishing all the kiddos a Happy Birthday and hope this is a helpful collection. Happy party planning!