You Know You’re A Golf Widow When….


You Know You're A Golf Widow When....

My husband is a golfer. He has been a golfer as long as I’ve known him. I know there are more partners of golfers out there.

So, you know you’re a golf widow when…

  • You casually prepare plans around golfing weekends – there’s no point making a fuss so you just embrace his loss for a WHOLE DAY at the weekend!
  • Yes! I said one whole day. 18 holes of golf takes between 4-6 hours to play, then there are drinks and food to factor in. Not to mention the necessity to arrive at least 30 minutes early even for a 7am tee off!
  • Your garage is full of golfer paraphernalia. It’s not just clubs. There’s bags, carts, trolleys, and other things I just don’t care about.
  • He only has 2 sections to his wardrobe. Work wear, and golf wear. 
  • You regularly hear him saying ridiculous words like ‘bogie’ and ‘birdie’.
  • Albatross and Eagle are more than just birds to you!
  • When a parcel arrives, you hope it’s gifts for you but reality tells you it’s likely to be golf related. 
  • Vacations often involve considering what golf courses are nearby and if it’s worth him traveling with his clubs. Do you care? I know I don’t!
  • You know as soon as your kids can stand they’ll be playing with plastic sticks, and as soon as he’s able he will take them proudly to the driving range. They WILL be the next Tiger Woods.
  • The Golf Channel. OMG. I shrivel watching that. The thing I don’t get is why are the voices always so dull?!
  • If he orders on Amazon, it’s almost always golf related because, you know, he loves golf.
  • Golf is for life. My husband has been playing for years, and his best-golfing buddy is his dad. I expect them to be playing together as long as they physically can!
  • Friendships are sometimes measured on golfing ability. Especially new ones!

So in summary, it’s not so bad being a golfing widow. My husband encourages me to do my own things because he understands golf takes up a lot of time and I rarely stop him playing. He is fit and healthy thanks to the walking that is involved with golfing. Plus it makes him happy and seems to be a great way for him to de-stress. That’s important to me!

And if it all gets too much, there’s a Golfing Widow Club on Facebook to offer you support 🙂

You Know You're A Golf Widow When....

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