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Ecocentric Mom Monthly Box Sponsored PostWhen I was asked if I’d like to do this review, I jumped at the opportunity. Buying environmentally-friendly products is already a priority for me (and should be for everyone!) so I was curious to see if this company lived up to its promise of offering eco-conscious goods.

The concept seems like a great one since it targets soon-to-be moms (who either don’t yet have many of the baby items they’ll need) and existing moms (who simply don’t have much time or energy to put into finding eco-friendly products for themselves and their family). Especially if you’re interested in reducing your waste footprint but not sure how or where to find items that are kind to the environment, this service seems like a great way to sample unfamiliar products.

Also, what person doesn’t enjoy receiving a care package every month? It’s like summer camp without the bugs and awkward co-ed dances.

There are three types of boxes you can order with contents curated for that specific type: Pregnancy, Mom, or Mom and Baby. Since I have an infant, I picked the latter, and I was thrilled when it arrived!


Considering that each box promises to contain 5-9 different products (mine contained 7), I expected a giant box with lots of unnecessary stuffing, Amazon Prime style. However, my shipment was so compact it fit in our mailbox, and instead of bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts, was stuffed with brown paper shreds.

Score one for the planet!

Opening the box I felt a bit like a kid on Christmas Earth Day morning.



The box did not disappoint!  Since the contents all deserve their due, here’s an itemized list:

Nib Mor Cacao Nibs – Bite size “Daily Dose of Dark” chocolate sample. Was eaten immediately.

The Tumbler Toddler Toy by Begin Again – A sweet little wooden toy. Though the tag says it’s for 18+ months, both my baby and pre-schooler enjoyed it. My 4-year-old grabbed this out of the box and started playing with it right away, rolling it around the living room like a three-wheeled car.

Later, my baby crawled over and – like everything else these days – it went right into the mouth. Unlike with other plastic toys, I wasn’t worried about her swallowing cancerous BPA flakes or whatever since this is made from sustainably-harvested rubberwood, non-toxic and child-safe stains, and conforms with safety standards.

Anatolia Organic Kid Socks – Fair trade. Organic materials and packaging. Soft to the touch. Adorable koala design. What more does an eco-chic baby need??

Ever Bamboo Mini Deodorizer+Dehumidifier – I’d never seen a product like this before. It’s a 100% natural bamboo charcoal pouch that basically absorbs odors and moisture. The packaging indicates it’s good for locker rooms, suitcases, and kitchen cabinets. This puppy went right into our Diaper Dekor and worked as advertised. 

Plus it came with 3 inserts, or a 1 year supply of de-stinkifying the nursery. Best of all, the inserts are recyclable and the charcoal will go back to the earth with minimal environmental impact.

Co-Pūr Hand Balm – Lavender Lime scented hand lotion made from all natural ingredients. This may not sound like an earth-shattering discovery, but the real innovation here is that it’s in the form of a stick. Like a giant chapstick, but for your hands. Brilliant because you can rub it over the backs of your hands without getting your palms greasy or squeezing out more than you need. Since becoming a parent, I’ve found that the backs of my hands are constantly dry from all the hand-washing I do after changing diapers, wiping bottoms, doing dishes etc. So this little gem is going in the diaper bag and being used several times daily.

Susan Brown’s Baby Botanial Gelée – a natural petroleum jelly alternative for sensitive baby skin that needs a little moisturizing. No Animal testing or ingredients. Has a really pleasant light scent which I can’t place exactly: chamomile? calendula? Whatever it is, it’s unobtrusively fragrant and a helpful item to have in my baby care kit.

BumBoosa Baby Wipes – This is a one-pack wipe sample made from bamboo. I didn’t actually try it because I decided to put it in my purse for that moment in the future when I find myself with poop or throw up or whatever on my hands and desperately need a wipe. This little guy will save the day eventually!

The Fine Print

Another nice feature about Ecocentric Mom boxes is that you can go to their website and find links to all the products in each box. So if you fall in love with something and want to buy more, they make it easy for you to reorder. You can try out one box for $24.99, or if you sign up for 3, 6, or 12 months the price per box goes down as low as $22. Considering that we all probably drop that much on a pair of Lularoe leggings every month (if not every week), it seems like a great present either to yourself or a mom friend who can just use a little monthly joy.

Best of all, every box benefits the mom we all depend on the most: Mother Earth.

Want to win a box?! Check our the Anaheim Moms Blog Facebook Page for a chance to win today!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Ecocentric Mom. We received one Mom and Baby Box of items in exchange for this review. However, all opinions are 100% our own and we stand by Ecocentric Mom and all that we endorse.
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