How Emojis Saved This Socially Awkward Mama


How Emojis Saved This Socially Awkward Mama

I love emojis.  And not just because they’re super fun to add to any text conversation.  No, I love emojis because they actually make me less awkward, if that’s even in the realm of possibilities.

I love to talk.  I love to have meaningful conversations with people all of the time.  However, when it comes to talking on the phone I just hate it.

If I can’t order pizza online then no pizza will be ordered.

And so when text messaging became a thing I literally and figuratively jumped up in the air for joy!

Finally, an easy way to communicate without having to sound like a blubbering idiot.  Because trust me, on the phone I can make conversations hella awkward!

But then I ran into another dilemma.

At what point do you STOP texting back?

I do not have the answer for this because I am ALWAYS the last person to text.  It’s just something in my DNA.  Check your phone.  Who texted last?  IT’S ME!

For some reason, texting social cues befuddle me and I am always thinking to myself, well I don’t want them to not know that I read their last text and am ignoring.  Or, do they want to end the conversation?  Should I just stop saying anything?  But I don’t want to be rude.  Crap.  I’ll just keep saying weird stuff, and then I make it awkward.

Awkward.  AGAIN!

I mean if you want to get into a thank you, you’re the best war with me go right ahead, because I can say thank you like the best of them for a good twenty minutes!

But then the emoji happened.  And my life has been forever changed!

Why have emojis saved this socially awkward mama you may ask?  Well, because emojis give you the ability to respond, but not really respond making it an acknowledgment of your friend’s last text, but not opening another conversation and ending it if you or they so choose!

Did you get that?

Basically, I can respond with any of these various awesome emojis and my friend will see that I agree or am really excited about what she said or am not that happy, etc. And then if the conversation continues it’s not on me.

Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I’m the only awkward one.  But all I can say is, thank you emoji.  Thank you. ?

How Emojis Saved This Socially Awkward Mama

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