The Best COVID-19 Time Capsule Printable For Kids

COVID-19 Time Capsule Printable For Kids
Image courtesy of Long Creations

There’s no doubt that we are in the middle of an historic event. This COVID-19 pandemic/quarantine is not only the first event of its kind in at least 100 years, but for many of our kids it’s their first major global or even national crisis. While we are feeling all the emotions and maybe even going through a little grief, they are going through it, too.

Time capsules have been used for many years to preserve historical artifacts and mark historical events. Towns have made a big occasion around “burying their time capsule” and then again later when they cracked it open. You could see them putting in newspapers, letters, or photos. They may put in music in the form of records, cassette tapes, or CDs. Often times there would have been film or VHS tapes.

Families and kids would usually do their own and bury it out in their backyard or place it under a floorboard. Modern living situations don’t always allow for families to pack away memorable artifacts the way they used to, making this, sort of, a lost art.

Now is a great time to bring it back but perhaps with some added creativity given our circumstances.

We love memories. We love seeing a piece of us from years past. We love to get a glimmer into the person that we were and what we may have been thinking or feeling in that time. To see what our family was feeling.

So when I saw this COVID-19 time capsule printable created by Long Creations, I thought it’s the perfect way to document this period of time from our children’s perspective. Natalie Long, the graphic designer who created this printable, has graciously given us permission to share her printable creation here and use her images. Thank you Natalie!

With this time capsule printable you can have fun documenting your perspective on these events and tuck them in an envelope.

I definitely plan on putting ours with our important papers. We rarely access that box so it will be a nice surprise 10 or 20 years from now. At the very least this activity can be therapeutic for our family.

Take your time. You don’t have to do it all at once and you can have print extra copies of some of the pages if you like!

Here’s what you will find in this COVID-19 time capsule printable:

  • Record some of the history
  • About me
  • How I’m feeling
  • My Community
  • How you are staying busy
  • Handprints
  • How you celebrated special occasions
  • A letter to yourself
  • Interview your parents
  • A letter FROM your parents.

You can print the images below or go to the links at the bottom to download the time capsule printable PDF:

COVID-19 time capsule printable page 1
Courtesy of Long Creations

Documenting History

COVID-19 time capsule printable page 2
Courtesy of Long Creations

All About Me

time capsule page 3
Courtesy of Long Creations

How I’m Feeling

COVID-19 time capsule printable page 4
Courtesy of Long Creations

My Community

COVID-19 time capsule printable page 5
Courtesy of Long Creations

What Are You Doing?

 printable page 6
Courtesy of Long Creations


COVID-19 printable page 7
Courtesy of Long Creations


COVID-19 time capsule printable page 8
Courtesy of Long Creations

Letter to Self

printable page 9
Courtesy of Long Creations

Parents’ Perspective

COVID-19 time capsule printable page 9
Courtesy of Long Creations

Letter from Parents

COVID-19 time capsule printable page 11
Courtesy of Long Creations

Have fun with it! Use this as a time to reflect with your family on how you are really feeling. Help your littles express their feelings no matter how big or small. This may even help to open up dialog in your family.

For me, this was such a creative way to not just keep busy but to connect with our “roommates” and help emotionally support each other.

Here are the links to download the free PDF as well as a link to check out the rest of Natalie’s work at Long Creations:


If you have a kiddo that is celebrating a birthday during the quarantine, here’s two bonus pages with birthday-themed questions!


You can find Natalie on social media here – if you like her printable, please consider giving her a follow!





  1. I love this so much! We do a monthly memories printable so this would fit perfectly with that. Our kids are living history. It’s scary but also such a blessing. Thank you for putting this together!

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