Create A Time Capsule With Your Kids!

time capsule

How many of us remember making a time capsule growing up?  I know I do!  I remember making a time-capsule when I was in the sixth grade.  The whole idea was that my sixth-grade teacher was going to give us our time capsules when we graduated.  Pretty cool idea right?!

So, what better way to capture this time – which hopefully will never happen again – than by making a really cool time capsule?

Here are some ideas on what to put in your time capsule::

  • A picture – take a picture of your kids – maybe they’re holding a sign that says Quarantine day x or maybe it’s their name age and date – like the ones we do for the first and last day of school.
  • Journal – have your kids write or write for them their favorite thing they’ve done since being in quarantine.  Have them write their favorite movie that they’ve watched, a favorite book that they’ve read etc. You can have them do this several times – as it seems like we are going to be here for a while!
  • Art – have your kids draw, paint, write a story about their time in quarantine.
  • Get a newspaper – if you’re able to get a newspaper, have your kids cut out their favorite bits.  Include the front page so when you open the time capsule you’ll know when it was all taking place.  (not that we will ever forget!)
  • SNACKS – Have you kids take pictures of their favorite snacks – or even better take pictures of them eating their favorite snacks.
  • Write letters – Because it may be a while this is a fantastic time to make pen pal friends!  Write letters to your neighbors, classmates, grandparents, and keep them in your time capsule.
  • Daily log – If you want to capture the day to day of this time have your kids write a few things that they did each day and how they felt about it.
  • Go for a Walk – Find a pretty flower or leaf on your walk?  Take a picture or if possible pick the flower and include it.

Did we leave anything out?  Let us know what your ideas would be!