An OC Mom’s Guide to COVID-19

This is brought to you by our partners at Caduceus Medical Group.

COVID-19 is here.  Schools are closed, many of us are working from home and suddenly the Charmin hiney clean song just won’t leave our brains!

And since we aren’t doctors, we are partnering with Caduceus Medical Group to help us all understand what this all means.  As well, in the next few days, the OC Mom Collective team will have resources to keep you sane and laughing while we wait out COVID-19.

Why all the shutdowns, cancellations and postponements?

  • The virus is NOT slowing down. A month ago the WHO (World Health Organization) was publishing 1000 new cases a day. Two weeks ago, 2000. As of this morning, WHO announced 4627 NEW cases in the last 24 hours.
  • Please ignore posts on social and news media comparing Covid-19 to the “flu” which had more cases and deaths this year. There are 3-4 strains of the flu, all lumped into one statistic. Covid-19 is ONE strain of coronavirus and appears to be a very different strain.
  • Also, the seasonal flu season is over and generally ends in February. Covid-19 appears to be just getting started, unless, as we are all hoping, the warmer spring weather kills it off.
  • The biggest difference is that it is easy to test for the flu. Standard swabs are available at most urgent care and emergency rooms across the country and the world. Since patients typically feel sicker with the flu, they are more likely to be seen and get a diagnosis. Covid-19 can start with milder symptoms and until very recently there was NO easy way to test for it; we are seeing a definitive UNDER-reporting as to the number of new cases and fatalities. Some authorities are estimating the number may be being miscalculated by at least TEN fold; in other words, the total may have actually been 39,000 in NEW cases today alone.

What makes COVID-19 so different?

  • During the 14 day incubation period an infected person can spread it even exhibiting NO symptoms. That is very unusual for most viruses.
  • It appears to be VERY easy to “catch.” Very casual contact can spread Covid-19 whereas most other viruses need a form of closer contact.

So, what happens if you have one of the symptoms? (Coughing, Sneezing, Shortness of Breath, Fever)

Caduceus Medical Group offers video visits as well as curb-side swabs.  It is still important to note that you will not be tested for COVID-19 unless a physician has recommended it.

That’s a lot of information!  So, please be sure to follow Caduceus Medical Group on Facebook as they will be updating daily about the spread and hopefully the containment of the virus.  You can

Please watch this video from NBC News with Dr. DiNicola the Chief Medical Officer of Caduceus Medical Group.

As always, we hope that you remain healthy and safe during this time!