Top 10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For At Home Workouts


With this pandemic dragging on, many people are looking to digital sources for at home workouts that won’t break the bank. Luckily, Instagram is full of amazing accounts that offer FREE home workout tips and routines.


Check out the 10 Top Instagram home workout accounts  below!



Shonda is a mom of two that began a fitness journey of her own several years back. She posts workout routines on IGTV with many that require only basic equipment such as dumbbells and resistance bands. She also offers dietary tips and recipes for healthy eating inspiration as well!



Idalis is a health/fitness blogger, mom to three girls, and an all around fitness guru. She has been featured in multiple publications including Glamour, Self, Women’s Health, and many more. She is an international trainer and focuses on programs that allow effective at home workouts for those with a busy life. On her Instagram page she posts several workout circuits that can be done at home with little to no equipment!



A former pole vaulter, Amanda now shows others how to stay fit with HIIT circuits, yoga, and Pilates. She offers a relatively inexpensive online workout platform but also shares many great workouts on her Instagram page as well!



I was first introduced to Kayla and her BBG workouts a few years back and I swear by her methods! I in fact used to run circles around the males in our neighborhood gym when I was doing one of her circuits and they would all just stare at me and many asked what I was training so intensely for LOL! Kayla also has many different levels of sharing her workout plans including an app, PDF guides, and of course her free Instagram content. If you are looking for amazing and effective HIIT workouts, Kayla is your girl!



For those that have kettlebells lying around in a dusty corner of the garage, this Instagram page will give you some great inspiration for varying exercises you can use this equipment for! Dasha also currently hold a free Saturday virtual sweat session at 11am ET for those that want to get in a full workout for free!



Jeanette has over 30 years of experience as a fitness trainer and health coach. She approaches workouts with a bootcamp style, and offers not only free exercises on her Instagram page, but also runs a 30 day Total Body Bootcamp program. I also love that she tosses in lifestyle and nutrition posts into her feed to keep things fun and well rounded. Definitely an account to follow!



Natalie has built her brand on reminding everyone that age is just a number. She encourages people of all ages to get fit, look younger, and feel better! She has several different offerings including a book, a top 50 podcast, fitness programs, and even coaching programs! On her Instagram feed she shares lifestyle and nutrition tips as well as short exercise clips for those that want something quick and easy to do at home!



There is a reason why this account has over 2 million followers! This feed posts a compilation of great workout tips and sequences that anyone can do at home, sourced from fitness accounts all over the platform! The best part is that you get different ideas and different perspectives on exercise since the content is from varied sources, which helps to keep exercise fun and interesting!



This was one of the very first online workouts I ever did, some seven years ago I believe! I love Cassey’s ability to keep things simple and effective, plus her positive attitude is totally contagious! She has multiple reasonably-priced paid programs, but also has lots of content on her Instagram page and youtube channel to give you free at-home Pilates style workouts you will love!



Massy is not only a world-renowned personal trainer, but also wonderful mama who tries to inspire other women to be healthy, strong, and proud of themselves. She has amassed quite a following and is a trainer to the stars due to her highly effective workouts, some of which she shares freely on her Instagram page. If you want to follow someone who is inspiring, and get some exercise pointers along the way, Massy is your girl!


No matter how you do it, remember to try and get up and move a little to break a sweat each day – you’re mind and body will thank you for it!

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