Fill Your To-Do List With Things That Make You Happy

Fill Your To-Do List With Things That Make You Happy

As humans, we are creatures of habit. Habits (like making a to-do list) that give us comfort in knowing what’s coming next. As moms, we are usually the drivers and influencers of our household’s habits. A big thing to note is that habits are things we do and do not define us.


The year 2020 will forever live in our memories as a year of change. On Friday, March 13, 2020, our world was shut down. For us, it meant our weekly calendar just got cleared and everything was cancelled. No more soccer or baseball practices during the week or Saturday games were all cancelled. No more in-person school. No more commuting to/from work. No more birthday parties or gatherings with friends and family. We had to adapt, adjust, and keep going. This took us out of our habits and our comfort zones.

Still stood our to-do list

At the beginning of the shutdown, my to-do list looked like a survival kit for the end of the world. Eat, sleep, and do not strangle each other. It took us about four weeks to get into some sort of a new routine of habits. We kept adding and subtracting new things into our habits and routine depending on how it worked throughout our day.

Before 2020, we would have just kept adding and adding without even checking if we enjoyed it or not. Who else had almost six months into the future booked before the shutdown?

Now, we are six months plus in and we have created new habits and routines that that we love.

We love to have breakfast time together. We love to get physical activity in, whether it’s playing baseball together or just a walk in the neighborhood. We love playing videos together and watching baking shows together. I’ve noticed those have become our new habits and my to-do list includes enjoying and spending play time with the kids.

Mama’s to-do list

Since the kids are getting back into their school routines, I’ve noticed that my to-do list got shorter, more intentional, and much more fun to do. Now, I get to go to the grocery store and do errands while they learn. I also get a workout and take a run around the neighborhood. I get to listen to audiobooks and podcasts to learn and grow my business. I get to do all of that before I get to pick them up and do homework with them.

This still gives time to have with my husband and even time for some self-care/quiet time for me. These have become my new habits and from now on I will evaluate each activity I put on my list to make sure it fits into our life.

So grateful

As I reflect to the times before COVID, everything on my to-do list felt like a chore, like I was just surviving. Now, I am so grateful that it’s filled with things I love! Making myself and my family the priority and the people to please made it much easier.

So mama, take the time to re-evaluate your to-do list because you can and fill it with things you love and get to do.



Fill Your To-Do List With Things That Make You Happy PIN