What’s On The Menu

What's on the menu

What’s On The Menu this week? Scroll down to find the recipes for this week’s menu!

Sunday – Cashew Chicken

I love having an Asian dish each week – it makes me feel like I’m getting variety and not constantly in a rut!  And this cashew chicken recipe hits the spot!  Now, I don’t use chicken thighs, I just defrost the frozen breasts from Trader Joe’s and cut those into pieces.

Monday – Spaghetti Pie

This recipe is from Paleo OMG and it’s really good!  I use pre-shredded spaghetti squash or butternut squash.  It’s a hack that I do because I honestly have never ever felt like actually shredding the squash myself.  It’s healthy and delicious!

Tuesday – White Chicken Chili

Oh, I love a good crockpot recipe!  Score for set it and forget it! And this recipe is really just letting all the yumminess simmer for most of the day.

Wednesday – Garlic Butter Steak Bites With Lemon

My kids love steak – of course they do!  But we don’t eat a lot of red meat in our house, so when we do I give-in to getting steak.  I use flank steak for this recipe from Trader Joe’s.  Nothing fancy.

Pro-Tip – cut that flank steak super slim and cook for 30 seconds on each side.  I also don’t use zucchini noodles because I have NEVER been able to make them without them turning to complete mush.  So I generally pair this dish with roasted cauliflower.

Thursday – Turkey Loaf + Sweet Potato Fries

I didn’t like Meatloaf until I made this version of it. It’s definitely not dry and it is SUPER easy to make.  Even my kids will eat it and they’re my worst critics!

Friday – Homemade Pizza

Yes, we do this every week.  And no it most likely won’t change. Here’s the dough we use from the Pioneer Woman. I use whatever tomato sauce we happen to have lying around, BUT if I’m being super gourmet I will buy the pizza sauce from Trader Joe’s AND their Pizza seasoned shredded cheese.

Saturday – Mini-Meatball Sammies

Oh these meatballs are heavenly!  Truly!  The Pioneer Woman does it again!  My kids love it and so do I.  AND it’s simple and fast.  I use ground turkey and it’s still absolutely delicious.

Don’t love these?  It’s okay, we’ve got last week’s menu right here!