Reset and Pause Day Rituals for Moms

Reset and Pause Day Rituals for Moms

Our society has conditioned us to believe that our worth is tied to our productivity and income. However, with the growing prevalence of mental health issues, rising living expenses, and the challenges of raising children in today’s world, it’s more crucial than ever to take a step back and appreciate the little things in life. A great way to do that is by creating reset and pause day rituals.

The Importance of Taking a Break in Our Busy World to Reset, Pause, and Relax:

As a mother of two, including a child with a rare medical condition, I was always busy with ten things at once, thinking about what I needed to do next. After a few years, I realized that this mindset was taking a toll on me both mentally and physically. I recognized that I needed to make a change without neglecting my family obligations and childcare responsibilities, which are some of the most important jobs.

Here are some reset and pause day rituals and strategies that helped me slow down and enjoy life, and I hope they can help you too:


Enjoy Your Weekends and Avoid Work Burnout

Weekends are a time to unwind and recharge, not to catch up on work. It’s easy to fall into the trap of using this time to finish tasks that could easily be done later. If you’re a working mom, this can be especially challenging since weekends may be your only free time. To make the most of your weekends, prioritize tasks (such as doing laundry and groceries) and limit the amount of work you do.


Designate a RESET and PAUSE Day

To help you relax and recharge, try designating a “reset” day in advance, where you focus on doing fun activities and self-care. Make a list of enjoyable activities and stick to it. This will help you train your brain to let go of work-related thoughts and have a more enjoyable weekend.


Limit Social Media

Limiting time on social media can also be helpful. Scrolling through feeds can be overwhelming, so set a time limit for yourself or use Instagram’s built-in time limit feature. Taking a break from social media altogether can also be beneficial.


Break Up With Your Phone

Another tip is to put your phone on silent or limit notifications. Constant notifications and reminders can be distracting and take away from relaxation time.


Practice Staying Present Through Mindfulness and Meditation

Practicing mindfulness and being present can also help you focus on the present moment and appreciate what you’re doing right now, rather than constantly thinking ahead. Meditation is a great way to achieve this and can help you understand the value of time.


Create a Bucket List

We make grocery lists and to-do lists all the time, but have you ever considered creating a bucket list of fun activities to do, whether big or small? It’s a great way to prioritize self-care and develop a habit of doing something just for you. Give it a try!

The Value of Taking a Break and Doing NOTHING

Occasionally, I find myself sitting in my backyard, sipping iced coffee, and simply enjoying the moment. Despite not doing anything productive on my designated RESET day, I find it deeply satisfying. There are no expectations or pressures to fulfill, allowing me to bask in the warmth of the sun and watch the swaying palm trees. I don’t feel guilty anymore for taking these breaks. In fact, I take pride in it and feel empowered knowing that I can take control of my own life, rather than just conforming to societal expectations.

Even if it’s just a mental or physical break, it’s important to take a step back and do nothing occasionally without the guilt. Tell us in the comments below – what do you do to help you reset and recharge? 

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