The Best 3 Gifts Every Mom Wants For Mother’s Day

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gifts every mom wantsI’ve been a mom for 7 years now, and in that time, I’ve learned a lot about…well, life really…but more specifically, I’ve learned a lot about what a mom truly wants for Mother’s Day. 

Over the years, I’ve received so many wonderful gifts from my family. And I’m not knocking any of them, because really any gift from the heart is a gift of love. 

But of all the things that a mom needs for Mother’s Day, there are some that stand out above the rest. And I’m not just speaking for myself here. I asked around to some of my mommy friends. So if you’re a dad looking for gift ideas, or a mom looking for hints to drop to your family for gift ideas, this is for you.

Here are the best 3 gifts every mom wants for Mother’s Day in ascending order:


#3 – Sleep

Mom needs sleep. That’s an understatement. We are all pretty much running on caffeine fumes. But one of the very best gifts you can give any mom is the gift of zzzzzzzzzz’s. It’s a rare morning when I’m not awoken by a small human either poking me, shouting into my face, diving right on top of me, or sometimes all three at once. And while I am happy to have these little humans here in my life, they unfortunately don’t come with snooze buttons. 

So letting mom sleep in on Mother’s Day is a glorious gift. Especially if she doesn’t know it’s coming and just slowly opens her eyes to a quiet bedroom with broad daylight peeking in from behind the window shades. Ahhhh, heaven!

And if your plans for the day can’t allow mom to sleep in for some reason, then take the kids out later in the day and let her nap. Like a real one in a bed, not on the floor while reading to her toddler, or in the passenger seat while we’re driving somewhere. A real shut eye session in a bed without anyone else in it, for at least an hour. 


#2 – Homemade gifts

Okay, I’m not saying I don’t want diamonds. But, what really warms a mom’s heart are items made with love by the ones she loves most. Last year, my son made me a paper ring with a toy gemstone that he “upcycled” from an old costume crown. He also drew me a card and scrawled out “mom I love you” on it, while my toddler decorated her card with stickers and stamps. Just knowing they made the effort to shower me with gifts made by their adorably chubby little hands was both a proud mama moment, and a true gift of love indeed. 

Other ideas for homemade gifts are:

  • Breakfast in bed! (a true classic for a reason)
  • Bouquet of handpicked wildflowers (take advantage of the super bloom while it lasts!)
  • Photo album with your favorite family images


#1 – Treat her to a meal

Every family is different, but most moms I know – even if they’re working other jobs outside of the home – are still responsible for making meals for their household. I enjoy cooking for my family, but it’s always nice to have a break and be catered to. It’s also fun to have a reason to dress up and be treated like a queen for the day. 

This year, my family and I are celebrating Mother’s Day with a delicious meal at Five Crowns restaurant.

I’ve dined here before a couple times for date nights, and was SUPER excited to learn that they host an incredible Mother’s Day event in their royally splendid Corona Del Mar location. 

Something I love about Five Crowns is the decor. You really feel like you’re walking into a modern British gastropub with its historic brick fireplace, warm wood details, and verdant greenhouse room. 


Greenhouse Room: photo courtesy of Five Crowns restaurant.


Five Crowns oozes charm and class without being pretentious. The food is scrumptious as well.

You can opt for a decadent brunch with springtime favorites from the Mother’s Day Prix-Fixe Menu like Avocado toast & house-cured gravlax and Crab Benedict with homemade béarnaise sauce.

Or come for dinner featuring their famous Lawry’s prime rib and other seasonal entrees like Spring pea & mushroom risotto and Colorado lamb chops with stilton mashed potatoes. I already know that I’ll be beginning my meal with the lobster bisque, which is a Starter option on both the dinner and the brunch menu. 

If mom feels like staying in for the night, you can also get Five Crowns’ epic Mothers Day feast to-go and treat her like a queen in the comfort of your own home!

gifts every mom wants
Photo courtesy of Five Crowns restaurant

After your meal at Five Crowns, take a family photo in the classic red British phone booth outside, then enjoy a walk down to nearby Little Corona Del Mar Beach or a drive along Pacific Coast Highway to take in the view of the ocean. Sleeping in, homemade gifts, and being treated to a decadent meal at a truly fantastic restaurant that is as unique as you are the best 3 gifts I can imagine on Mother’s Day. 

Click here to view the Five Crowns restaurant menu and book a reservation. Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12th!


gifts every mom wants

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