4 Outside The Box Valentine’s Day Ideas When You Don’t Have A Babysitter

4 Outside The Box Valentine’s Day Ideas When You Don’t Have A babysitter

Valentine’s Day in Orange County can get busy and hectic for some parents: the crowded restaurants, required advance reservations for some places, pricey meals, and traffic.    The biggest problem on Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a dilemma for couples with children that can’t find a babysitter for that day because, frankly speaking, everyone is busy that day.

So, what can you do with the given circumstances?

After the pandemic years many of us have learned creative ways to celebrate holidays and traditions in the privacy of our own homes, so we do have an added advantage. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is really celebrating the love you have for someone, so let’s keep it simple and to the point. Here are a few problems that I’ve had in the past and that I found a solution to by coming up with these 4 outside the box Valentine’s Day ideas:

Scenario A – Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday

This can happen and with work and school if it’s hard to go out then try one of these solutions:


#1 – Celebrate Valentine’s Day on your own timeline

If logistics are a problem or childcare is available on a different day, celebrate this special day in advance or the following weekend.


#2 – It doesn’t have to be dinner

If you can’t do a fancy romantic dinner, think outside the box for Valentine’s Day ideas when you don’t have a babysitter. How about breakfast, brunch, or lunch options instead when the kids are at school?

I love this option when you have school-aged kid. You can go out during school times if planned in advance and the dining options are not crowded at this time. So it’s short, sweet, and still romantic.


Scenario B – Celebrating the day off with the kids

With life these days being so crazy, it’s important that you make the most out of it the given circumstances and adapt to the situation. Also, we live in an area where we have so many dining options, things to do, and beautiful weather. So let’s be creative and get romantic.

Sometimes finding a babysitter can be so overwhelming, it’s easier to take the kids. Believe me, I’ve had to do this many times. So try these options for outside the box Valentine’s Day ideas when you’re out of a babysitter:


#3 – Make it Valentine’s Day for the whole family

Turn Valentine’s Day into a lovingly homemade family dinner, order some takeout, or go out for an early dinner to a family-friendly restaurant (to avoid the crowd) –  with no guilt involved and no complications with babysitting. I prefer smaller restaurants because the wait is usually shorter, and you get in sooner.

Pick a fancy restaurant some other time without the kids!


#4 – Have a late night Valentine’s Day celebration

Order some take out and when their bedtime kicks in and children are asleep, set up a fire pit outside, a movie in the backyard, and a small dessert set up on the patio. Have a drink of your choice and spend some time alone with your loved one, because you deserve it and spending quality time with your partner is essential for a successful relationship.

Click here for more ideas for Valentine’s Day in Orange County not at a restaurant. However you choose to celebrate this special holiday, we hope you are surrounded by love.  



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