What It Means To Be A Quarantine Mom

What It Means To Be A Quarantine Mom

When we first went into self quarantine – and for those of us who aren’t working as frontline workers so are sheltering at home – we began this thinking things like:

“I am going to get so fit!”
“I am going to read that book.”
“I am going to start a new hobby!”

And then others of us freaked out, thinking:

“How in the world am I going to survive in my home for 15 days without a proper girls night and somehow manage A full-time job.”

Well, now we are going on a month and counting and I realized that my quarantine mom game isn’t any of those things. Because, for the record, all of those thoughts were my own initially.

No, my quarantine mom self has morphed into something I didn’t know possible, someone that even my kids have started to recognize as a different version of myself.

My quarantine mom self says yes to baking cookies at 2pm because the kids asked.

And she says yes to having seconds and thirds of those cookies, because why not?

My quarantine mom creates so much structure and then lets it all go and then settles on a blend of the two for everyone’s sanity.

My quarantine mom is a homeschooling champion, 50% off the time… on a good day.

My quarantine mom rarely wears make-up or puts in contacts, but when she does, it’s for dress up with the 3-year-old out of her own closet. Or it’s for TikTok videos with her 9-year-old, and ALWAYS after 5pm.

My quarantine mom serves frozen chicken nuggets and pretends it’s because she knows how much her kids love food they never eat. But really, it’s because the grocery store had like nothing, and she is trying not to go to the store every week.

(Oh, AND she is tired of making clever lunches).

My quarantine mom is extra creative. Maybe not “mastering new hobbies” creative, but making her son’s 7th birthday super fun with a virtual birthday party with family on the east coast and a scavenger hunt for his presents.

My quarantine mom self is a feeling deeply grateful.

Although this is a horrific and earth shattering time to be a parent (or really anyone for that matter), there is so much good out there that she gets to point out to her children every day. And how awesome is it that we are forced to spend all this time together, even when we need a break?!

My quarantine mom is a superstar – what is sometimes known as a SUPERMOM – because she is trying really hard to do all the things while EQUALLY giving herself permission to NOT DO ANY OF THE THINGS. 

So in the end, I am likely not going to come out of this super fit, with a new hobby, or even finishing that book, but nor will I not survive.

But I do know that my inner quarantine mom has taught me to let go a little bit and focus on creating really great memories in this crazy, crazy time, and to give myself permission to feel ALL the things. And that is enough.

What It Means To Be A Quarantine Mom PIN

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