Finding Gratitude In A Time Of Chaos And Confusion

finding gratitude

The world is upside-down right now and it’s easy to let fear and anxiety take over. Of course, these feelings aren’t helpful. Finding gratitude can help turn those feelings of helplessness into hope. I’ve always been a glass half full person so this practice comes more naturally to me.

Some people may find it easier to sit down and make a list.

They may only be able to find one thing they are grateful for in that moment. One thought is all you need to get started. Through this whole COVID-19 business I have seen these moments of light in the darkness. Little glimmers of hope for us as a society.

We are being forced to slow down.

Given the opportunity to reconnect with our families. The time we have to be around each other will not always be perfect, but it’s time we wouldn’t have otherwise had. We have the chance to reach out to our communities and serve those around us.

Some corporations are pivoting to help people in need too.

The Disneyland Resort closed and then donated all their perishable items to the Second Harvest Food Bank. The CEO of Zoom is offering their service free to schools who need it. Spectrum is offering free internet for 60 days to families who don’t have it. Small restaurants, despite taking a financial hit, are offering to order food through their vendors for members of the community. Not to make money but to fill a need. Other restaurants are offering meal kits for an affordable price. Some come hot and ready, but the funnest ones come uncooked, like DIY Pizza Kits or DIY Cookie Kits. Stores are allowing the high-risk population like the elderly to shop in their own time frame (how was this not already a thing?).

Every day is changing and restrictions seem to be getting tighter, but the community is persevering and improving.

Things I am grateful for:

  • Families spending more time together.
  • Businesses stepping up to help their community.
  • The community stepping up to help one another.
  • Technology that is bringing us back together instead of isolating us.
  • The opportunity to slow down and have the chance to reflect on what matters.

More awesome things are happening every day, and while it may be hard to see the silver lining sometimes, it’s there. Finding gratitude is always possible even in a grumble or gripe.

It’s okay if you only find one thing each day. As long as you find one thing.

So here’s what you do:

Get a jar or a bowl and leave it out for everyone. Next to it, you will leave a piece of paper and a pen. You can take this one of two ways:

1. Everyone can write things they are grateful for. One thing per paper. Throw them all in the bowl. Add more anytime.


2. First thing every day, write something you are grateful for. ANYTHING. Throw it in the bowl.

And just like that, you’ve made a gratitude jar! Whenever you need a little reminder, grab one of those papers out of the bowl.

Another option for finding gratitude is to make a list, a big one, like on poster board or butcher paper.

Hang it where everyone can see it. You can continue to add to it anytime. This list will serve as a constant reminder and help keep your spirits lifted.

What are some other ways you are finding gratitude during this challenging time? Let us know in the comments!