Celebrating Mother’s Day In Quarantine {What Every Mom REALLY Wants}

celebrating Mother's Day in quarantine

Before writing this post – I called upon the OC Mom Contributor team to find out how moms want to celebrate Mother’s Day during Quarantine.  Turns out, most of what moms REALLY want are still possible during quarantine – like sleeping in, breakfast in bed, and not having to cook dinner.

We may not be able to get together for brunch or spend time with our closest families and friends this Mother’s Day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate!

And now more than ever, local businesses need our support.  This is the perfect time to curate a gift basket from local shops.  Even if you’re unable to physically go shopping you can still purchase a gift card. Every little bit helps!

Local Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Gift Ideas From Kids

We all know that moms love a gift from their children.  Especially if it’s homemade!

  • Coupon book that mom can use at any time for hugs, kisses, chores and more!
  • Notes and letters – Moms always love getting hand-written gifts from their children.
  • Framed Photo – Bonus points if you can get a picture with mom in it!!

Local Eateries

Mom isn’t interested in cooking on Mother’s Day – so consider doing a little preordering of her FAVORITES.  Whether it’s fresh coffee from her go-to place or a Mother’s Day feast – make sure to order local!

  • Pick up a flight of Margaritas from Tempo Cantina
  • Do an online cooking class together
  • Order Mom a subscription to a meal delivery service to take the load off of mom
  • Pick up a special occasion cake from your local bakery, a dozen special donuts from your local donut shop, or maybe even bake something special and bring it to Mom so you can enjoy your treats “together.”
  • Don’t forget breakfast in bed!  Moms ALWAYS want this!  Grab her favorite coffee from her go-to place and don’t forget to add a few treats like a croissant.

More Celebration Ideas

Since mom can’t hang with her besties this year – coordinate a Netflix watch party with your mom besties so you can all watch a movie together, chat through the message function, and drink wine etc. Good movies could be WINE COUNTRY, BABY MAMA (basically anything with Amy Poehler or any woman from SNL), or a classic chick flick

Get all of the necessary items so that mom can have her own spa day!

Need More Ideas?

Our Celebrations Guide – Quarantine Style has a list of everything you can think of to celebrate mom on her special day.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Celebrating Mother's Day In Quarantine - what moms really want