Erin Rice

Erin Rice
Erin is a fresh transplant to Orange County from Richmond, VA as of January 1, 2019! She and her husband, Rick, married in 2008 on the same beach where they fell in love on Virginia's Eastern Shore. They are thrilled to have settled into the Laguna Niguel area with their three wild children, ages 8, 6 and 2 and less than 5 miles from the coast. Erin works full-time as the director of a preschool, where she has the opportunity to make an impact and encourage the future of tomorrow to grow in every way, all while having fun! A self-proclaimed eternal optimist, she and her family enjoy living life and turning everything into an adventure. She loves trips to Target (alone at 8 am), iced coffee, baking, cheering for her VCU Rams, staying healthy, fresh air and introducing her kids to real music. Keep up with Erin on Instagram @therealricelife
fall in love with orange county

Top 5 Reasons To Fall in Love With Orange County

It has been TWO years since I packed up the house we brought our babies home to in Richmond, Virginia. The home that we purchased and ultimately became a family in, with sleepless nights...
sneaky child

HELP! I Have A Sneaky Child!

It all started one Easter. My daughter was 2.5 at the time. The Easter bunny left his candy-filled Easter Eggs all over our apartment, which in hindsight I believe was her first lesson in...
What It Means To Be A Quarantine Mom

What It Means To Be A Quarantine Mom

When we first went into self quarantine - and for those of us who aren't working as frontline workers so are sheltering at home - we began this thinking things like: "I am going to...
4 Steps To Staying Sane At Home With A Preschooler On Quarantine

4 Steps To Staying Sane At Home With A Preschooler On Quarantine

Global. Pandemic. Words I never thought I would use except when talking with my children about the history of the 1900s. In our state (and in many, many others), we are currently on "Stay...
kids on a diet

4 Things I Learned From Putting My Kids On A Diet

I put my kids on a diet. Just kidding. Sort of. What I mean is that we ventured into 2020 on the Whole30 as a family. Whole30 isn't really a diet. It's more of a program. But...
word of the year

My Parenting Word Of The Year: Sufficiency

Every January, I select a word of the year that I intend to embody. This isn’t a new year’s resolution but more of an intention to the universe of a quality that I want...
magic maker's club

Joining The Magic Maker’s Club (And The Truth About Santa)

Welcoming our son into the Magic Maker's Club was something I knew I always wanted to do. Well, at least after I decided not to veto Santa and we began our Christmas traditions that...
Aqueductal Stenosis survivor

Grateful My Son Survived Aqueductal Stenosis Brain Surgery

My 8-year-old son Cooper has always had what I would refer to as "tired eyes." He would blink more at the end of the day. And his eyes would sometimes become red when he...
won't make my kid share

This Is Why I Won’t Make My Kid Share

Yes, it's true. I won't make my kid share. Because she is two. And my middle is 6. And my oldest is 8. And sharing has taken on a whole new level of giving...