You *Might* Be A Mom When…


The dictionary defines mom as a person’s mother. But, I feel like that doesn’t quite do the whole mom thing justice.  And because it’s Friday, and because most of us are beginning summer break, I thought it would be a good time for us all to redefine being a mom – and laugh.

Because – being a mom requires one to have a sense of humor.

You might be a mom when – you get four uninterrupted hours of sleep and feel like a BOSS

Like a Boss Anaheim Moms BlogLet’s face it – those early newborn days when sleeping for twenty-minute intervals is your life for days on end make a few hours of sleep seem like an eternity.  They literally make you feel like a new person.  Which is sad because four hours of sleep is not nearly enough, am I right?





You might be a mom when – you get your hair cut, dyed and styled only to wear it in a top-knot every. single. day.

Top-knot Anaheim Moms BlogSeriously I don’t know why I even get my hair dyed.  I have this vision in my head of what I’ll look like, but then by the time I get everyone ready to leave the house the last thing I want to do is try to do my hair.  So, top-knot you win. Every. Time.





You might be a mom when – your top emojis include ? and ? 

Anaheim Moms BlogLet’s be real.  Anytime I can use the ? emoji I’m going to.  Kids allow me to act somewhat childish and I’m going to use the excuse every chance I can! And then there’s ?.  I don’t know how one can parent without a little wine from time to time.





You might be a mom when – your perfect day includes Starbucks and Target

Anaheim Moms BlogI know it’s pretty cliche, but truthfully if I can get a nice cold brew and a little shopping alone that is definitely the start of a very good day!






You might be a mom when – you can’t wait to go out with your friends only to miss your babies, snot noses and all.

Anaheim Moms Blog Isn’t it so true.  We LONG to go out and then we spend a majority of our time worrying about out little ones?  Talking about them, checking up on and the list goes on and on.  Once you’re a mama bear, you’re always a mama bear.







You might be a mom when in all the excitement of the end of school, and “woohoo it’s bikini time at Target” etc. I feel like you might be a mom if you also feel a kind of impending doom, like

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What would you add to the list??


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You Might Be A Mom When...