Jury Duty


Jury Duty and the people you meet

Have you ever been called into jury duty?  I have had the pleasure of being called three times.  I have not once been selected to be a juror, however I’ve come to the conclusion that there are definitely certain types of people that one may find while attempting to serve your time.

First there is the person who gets the mic to state their name and occupation, but believes this is now the time to share their entire life story starting from the very beginning.


Then there is the woman who has confused her jury summons with an eviction notice as she apparently has packed up every single bag she owns and is determined to finish her blanket she’s been crocheting for the past 17 years.


Of course one cannot forget the older gentlemen who pretends to not understand anything the judge or the lawyers say.  Which is ironic because once his name is called to be dismissed he jumps out of his seat like it was just lit on fire.  Apparently his hearing was on point for that part of the conversation.


We all know the one person who is in the back making snide comments about every single answer the jurors are giving.  This person is always huffing and puffing.  Everyone in the courtroom can hear him whispering about how when it’s his turn he’s just going to say he thinks everyone is guilty and he hates everyone!  Of course once questioned said person wilts like a little flower.


But the scariest person you’ll ever come into contact with at jury duty is the person who takes their jury summons as a challenge to find their new best friend.  Oh yes, this person hasn’t had this much social interaction in a good decade.  She looks around the room and zeroes in on her target.  It’s most likely you.  And why is it you?  Because you have a kind face and you smiled.  STOP SMILING!  Too late.  You’ve got a new best friend who has already friended you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Vine, you name it you’re now connected forever.  Thanks, jury duty.



Do you recognize any of these people from jury duty?  

**All Gifs courtesy of giphy.com