Fear Of The Tooth Fairy


Anaheim Moms BlogThe Tooth Fairy has not really been discussed in our house – like at all.  In fact, when my son noticed that he had a loose tooth and mentioned the Tooth Fairy I was actually surprised.

My son and I talked for a bit about his loose tooth and how it would fall out and that his adult tooth was trying to come in.

And then our conversation took a turn for the worse.

I mentioned that the Tooth Fairy would come and take his tooth and my son started to cry.


I was that parent.

The parent who apparently mentions NOT REAL magical creatures and scares the bejeezus out of her child.

My son told me that he didn’t want the Tooth Fairy to take his tooth.  He wanted to keep his tooth forever and ever and ever.

Granted he has no idea that the ability of his mother to keep a tiny tooth safe for the next twenty years is NEVER going to happen. But I went along with his desire.

I wasn’t sure why he was terrified of the Tooth Fairy.  He loves Santa Claus, Elves, the Easter Bunny and a whole slew of other mythical creatures. 

And then he told me that he was afraid the Tooth Fairy would actually pull out his tooth.  At least I was getting to the bottom of his fear.

He was also afraid that he might have to touch the Tooth Fairy and he didn’t want to do that either.  

After we discussed in length that the Tooth Fairy, in fact, does NOT pull out his tooth and just takes his tooth from under his pillow and leaves money. I told him that the Tooth Fairy is very very tiny and wouldn’t touch him at all.

My son seemed okay.

Especially when he realized that he could get money.  Because money means more fidget spinners.

Someone save me.

I think we are officially unafraid of the Tooth Fairy, but my son still won’t let me touch his tooth and I’m guessing he will be fifteen before he tries to do it – so a visit from the Tooth Fairy may not be happening anytime soon.

What are your BEST Tooth Fairy stories?

Fear Of The Tooth Fairy