If I Acted Like A Toddler


What would happen if I acted like a toddler?  

I often think about this because some of the behavior my toddler exhibits is pretty funny, but absolutely NOT acceptable in everyday adult life.  However, there are times where I wish I could just act like a toddler and get away with it.

Like for instance.  When my toddler is eating and he shoves every last bite in his mouth, but then he sees something he wants more.  He doesn’t suck it up and chew all of his food and swallow and wait the extra 20 seconds to devour the thing he wants most.  NO!  He spits it all out and goes for the good stuff.  

No. Messing. Around.


Or when my toddler doesn’t get his way.  He simply falls to the floor and kicks and screams and cries.  No matter where we are.  No matter what the floor cleanliness situation may be.  

He drops and protests.  And sometimes I wish I could do that.  

Like when I’m trying to make it through the grocery store without any meltdowns, only to get in the longest line at checkout and realize I forgot my wallet.  Yep, I JUST want to drop to the ground and have a toddler tantrum.


Do you ever notice that your toddler simply won’t give up when it comes to something they want?  My son will yell “Mama, mama, mama, mama….” and cry and whine until I give him what he has been waiting for the last hour.  

And why do I give it to him?

Because I just want peace and quiet!  

So imagine if I used that same technique while trying to buy a car.  What would happen if I just stood beside the car dealer whining and complaining for hours on end until they gave me the price I wanted?  Do you think it would work?


And then there’s the not caring what anyone thinks of them.  My son could truly care less if he is polite.  He doesn’t pay attention to someone’s story if it’s boring.  He leaves.  He doesn’t make small talk to pass the time.  He peaces out and goes on doing what he finds more interesting.  

Yep, my toddler gives no cares!  And sometimes I wish I could do the same!


What does your toddler do that you WISH you could do?

**All Gifs courtesy of Giphy