Summer 2020 Bucket List In And Around Orange County {Social Distancing Edition}

summer bucket list

Summer in Orange County is going to look a little bit different than it has in the past, BUT that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as awesome!

Thanks to our Amazing partner at Pediatric Smiles of Orange we are so happy to bring you our Ultimate Summer Bucket List – Social Distancing Style.

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We’ve come up with an Orange County summer bucket list that takes social distancing into consideration. Of course, every family feels differently about what is safe right now, so use your best judgment and make sure to follow city and state guidelines while you’re out and about.

It’s also a good idea to check web sites/social media for the locations you’ll be visiting since statuses and policies are constantly changing.

1. Camp Out In Your Own Backyard

Pitch a tent and sleep under the stars.  The best part is bathrooms with toilets are within walking distance – and so are the S’MORES!

2. Pick some fruit at one of the area’s many pick-your-own farms.

We may live in SoCal but that doesn’t mean it’s all city.  Take your kids on a tour at Manaserro Farms or strawberry picking at Tanaka Farms.

3. Crank up the AC and have a “Frozen” Party

Pretend it’s winter – or as winter as it gets here in sunny California.  Bundle up and make some hot cocoa with marshmallows.  Put in a winter-themed movie and make memories.

4. Have a water balloon fight

Everyone loves a good water balloon fight!  Make some fun rules that everyone has to follow to keep the game exciting.

5. Sidewalk Art Show

Be the judge of your sidewalk art show!  Have the kids create their very best designs and give prizes to all of the winners!

6. Blow Bubbles

Get bubbles from the store or make your own!  See who can blow the biggest bubbles.  Check out this “new way” to create bubble fun!

7. Watch a movie series at home

Now that Disney+ is a here there are so many movie series to choose from!  Toy Story, Star Wars, Cars, Avengers, and more!  There’s also the classic Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of The Rings – the list goes on and on.

8. Make a treasure map or scavenger hunt

Create a treasure map of scavenger hunt throughout your house or neighborhood – whatever you feel more comfortable doing.  Your kids will love to go from one location to the next.  You can even make the clues more difficult depending on the ages of your kids.

9. Geocaching is a great social distancing approved activity.

If you’re worried about germs, bring gloves or some hand sanitizer with you!

10. Create your own drive-in movie theater

Pop some popcorn, grab some candy, and project a movie on your garage or the side of your house!  As we are able to move into more phases of social distancing you can even invite friends!

11. Cool down with a cold treat from an ice cream shop!

Many ice-cream shops are open for curbside pick up or delivery.  And we’ve got some of our favorite OC ice cream shops RIGHT HERE!

12. Flying Kites

Everyone loves to fly a kite!  You’ll feel like a kid again too!

13. Visit an OC Park

Make sure you check the OC Park website for updates on openings, closures, and acceptable activities.

14. Virtual Summer Camp

So many summer camps are going virtual!  Check out our Orange County Summer Camp Guide and be sure to check each camp’s website as things are changing daily!

15. Create your own Backyard Olympic games!

Any idea can be an Olympic game idea!

16. Cook with your kids

Ask them to name one or two of their favorite ingredients and then make them into a new dish together (or old favorite).  You could even create your own version of Top Chef.  Give your kids a few ingredients and see what they come up with!

17. “Visit” a foreign city

Make a dish from that culture, play their music, draw the landmarks, take a pic in front of the drawing, and make sure to post it on Instagram!

18. Virtual Disney visit

Watch ridealong videos, make your own Disney recipes, watch a Disney movie, or listen to Disney music – make it a DISNEY day!

19. Bring the water park to your home!

Get an inflatable pool, slip n slide, water slide, or water table. Even a garden hose will do when the heat of an Orange County summer peaks!

20. Take a family art class

Create your own family art class and take turns being the teacher.  Or go the professional route and sign up for a virtual one together!

21. Take a family hike and explore the trails in Orange County.

Get moving on a fun family hike.  There are a lot of great hiking places all around Orange County!

22. Lawn games

Croquet, cornhole, bowling. Make your own bowling set with plastic cups and whatever ball you have. Make different bowling rules like throw the ball backwards through your legs, or kick it, or sideways toss, or be the ball yourself by cartwheeling or tumbling

23. Take a bike or scooter ride at a local beach.

Be sure to check the beach you’d like to visit for any parking or activity regulations.

24. Paint Rocks

Paint rocks and put them all around your neighborhood!  Your neighbors will love finding them.  You’ll smile as you see people walking by.

25. Make a movie

We all have smartphones so why not make a fun summer movie? Create your storyboard, then write the script, cast your movie, make costumes, and film!  Don’t forget to edit!  Have your kids help with every step – the sillier the better!  Then show your movie for family movie night!

26. CAR-nival Drive-thru Experience

Step right up…or drive right up in this case to our CAR-nival Experience! In the new age of social distancing, we have created a drive-thru event for the entire family. You will be delighted and amazed with our entertainers, performers, exotic animals, games and fun! Click HERE for all the details!

Need more ideas?  Check out this list full of ideas to consider as things slowly reopen!

What is on your family’s Summer 2020 Bucket List?