What We Love About Disney+


What we love about disney+

Disney+ – we got it bundled with our Hulu subscription and I sweetened the deal with my husband because it included ESPN+ so he was all about it.

So, what’s the big deal?

Honestly, I was hesitant to get yet another streaming service.  Like I said, we already had Hulu and of course, we have Netflix so did we really need Disney+.  The short answer is no, of course, we didn’t need it.  But now that we have it – I’ve found that we really love it.

First, I love having all of the Disney movies at my fingertips.

From Moana to Beauty and the Beast, it’s nice to simply be able to watch any Disney movie whenever we want to.  And then there are all of the Marvel movies.  And my kids LOVE superheroes.  I especially love having this for when we go on trips!

Second – my husband and I are big fans of the Mandalorian – hello baby Yoda!

I really thought I was getting Disney+ for my kids, but it turns out I am also getting it for myself.  I’ve rediscovered all of the Star Wars movies and how much I really love that entire saga.  The Mandalorian put it over the edge – can’t wait for season two.  I am hopeful that Disney will continue to create more adult series content – this is just the beginning.

Third, National Geographic!

I didn’t even realize we would be getting National Geographic with Disney+ but I am here for it.

Fourth – the Pixar Shorts

Have you seen Forky asks a question?  It’s the best.  Seriously if nothing else get the free trial and binge the shorts, you’ll love them.

We are really loving our subscription.  I personally can’t wait for all of the live-action animated films {hello MULAN!} as well as all of the other fabulous content that Disney has always created.

What is your favorite thing about Disney+?