What I Found When I Was Spring Cleaning My Childhood Closet

What I Found When I Was Spring Cleaning My Childhood Closet

This will date me, but I found a Justin Timberlake doll, tap shoes, letters from a pen pal, and lots of pictures. I moved out of my parents house over 18 years ago to go to college and I have never moved back. And almost half my life years after, I finally got a chance to go through my closet in my childhood bedroom and do some spring cleaning. The furniture placement had changed and my décor that I once had slowly disappeared during the years, yet my closet was untouched.


Memories Resurfacing

After spending more than a weekend at my parents, I made time to look through and go through my closet to make room for my parents’ overflow of clothing. So I began to take out the items.

I started with the tips I learned from Allison Almond, The Organization Maven, so I had a donate, keep, and trash area. As I was taking each item out, a flood of memories and feelings were brought back. Good, bad, and indifferent. This happens to everyone, right?!?

I noticed that with some items, like my prom dress, I smiled and remembered many things about that night.

I remember who took me to prom, the car we drove in, the getting ready process, and my beautiful corsage. I remember I was on the prom organizing committee and took a “Waiting to Exhale” photo with my beautiful friends. It made me smile so much. I’m so glad I didn’t go down the rabbit hole of the dress still fitting me and just remembering all the beautiful moments of that evening.

I also opened a box of letters from a pen pal. Yes, the good old fashion letter that you send with a stamp. I wrote to friends or family when they would move away. This was before e-mail and it was so nice to see hand-written letters and the things we would talk about. It was about concerts, television shows, and of course boys. So fun to see the things that kept us occupied during those “dark” ages.


No Memories At All

Then I stumbled upon a yellow flower girl dress and I couldn’t remember a thing. It was from when I was really young, maybe 4 or 5. I also found a picture of me and my cousins and it made me think about us as little girls and made me emotional that we are so grown now and I’m totally different places. I texted them the picture and said let’s live our lives for them (referring to those little girls). We had just lost our Lola (name for grandma in Filipino culture), the one who shepherded us through high school and it feels like a big loss.

I know that those little girls would want us to keep living full and beautiful lives for the next generation.


Spring Cleaning Ups and Downs

This are just a few stories of that small 5 x 9 closet, that was filled with many memories. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to go though and clean it out. Also, thankful for a pair of matching pant suits from Montgomery Ward that my sister and I get to keep for future 60s or 70s parties, we’re unsure of the decade.

So much fun and feels so much lighter. Excited to cherish all the moments and live life to its fullest.


What I Found When I Was Spring Cleaning My Childhood Closet PIN