Five Ways To Refresh Your Home In The New Year


refresh your homeHitting the reset button to refresh your home after the holidays can pay dividends for years to come. By protecting and caring for your home annually, not only are you protecting your investment, you’re also creating a clean and inviting environment for your family and guests alike.

If you’re anything like me, going from room to room, top-to-bottom, and gutting clutter from my house can be rewarding as I clear space for the new year. For some reason, it’s as if papers, clothes, and people multiply in my house from about September – December. Come January I’m on an all-out mission to reduce, reuse and recycle.

With that purge, I’ve found it’s a great time – especially in So Cal – to make sure my home is in tip-top shape. I also recommend clients start preparing for the change to warmer weather.

Here are a few annual activities that you should do to refresh your home, and keep it in the best shape possible:


#1: Clear The Clutter

Given my excerpt above, this is my favorite thing to do. Though I do love a good purge, there is a great reason to refresh the home at least once a season: it can mask bigger issues. Perhaps there’s food buried that can lead to a bug infestation, or your kid left sweaty socks in an un-touched corner of the closet (I wouldn’t know).

#2: Check For Cracks, Holes, Or Leaks

Obviously you’d see the big disturbances right away. But small cracks and holes could lead to rodents or water damage or worse. Just like your own skin, you should check for possible problem spots in your home too.

#3: Give Your Air Conditioner A Tune-Up

Did you know that air conditioning units should be cleaned at least once a year? This will help prevent dirt and debris from taxing the system, and this can help prevent costly emergency visits when temperatures soar to record heat days.

#4: Look For Leaks

Do an audit of your home. Do you feel any drafts by windows or doors? Check the attic or basement of your home for insulation compression. Pipes and ductwork may be a source for leaks as well. Understand every facet of your home so you know when a problem arises.

#5: Barricade Against Bugs

Unless you keep them as pets, bugs are typically unwanted around the home. Ants seem to proliferate in our local communities, and the best line of defense against them is to keep your home clean. Take out the trash, wash the dirty dishes, and clean your carpets, floors, and around the perimeter of the home. When checking the outside of your home, seal up any spots that could be a cause for concern. A good caulking gun can be your friend.

All of these activities are not only great to refresh your home annually, but they’re also great to complete for the future of your home and to protect your equity. Future homeowners can tell when a home has been well-kept, and this translates into value and desirability of your home.

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Heather Moulden
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