DIY Halloween Tutu Costume (Quick and Affordable!)


Halloween is two weeks away…are you prepared? If you’re anything like me, Halloween creeps up pretty quickly. Before I know it, it’s the night before the spookiest day of the year and my best intentions of creating an epic costume are quickly replaced by the same cat get-up consisting of drawn-on whiskers. This easy DIY Halloween tutu that I am going to share with you today is an excellent solution for last-minute mamas and can be made in all sizes ranging from newborn to adult.

What you’ll need:

  • Tulle in the desired colors, the amount will vary depending on size.  For my 1-year-old daughter, I bought 3 yards of tulle and had plenty left over.
  • Matching ribbon.
  • Scissors.

Prep time:

Approximately 45 minutes.


Less than $10!!!


  1. Start by cutting your tulle into 2-inch strips.  For my 1-year-old, I made the strips 30 inches long and trimmed them when done.  The length of the tulle will depend on how poofy you want your tutu to be.  The shorter the strips, the poofier it will be.
  2. Next, cut the ribbon to fit around the waist.  Make sure to leave extra room to tie the ribbon in a bow.
  3. Now, here’s the tricky part.  Take each piece of tulle and loop them around the ribbon by folding each piece of tulle in half and pulling the tail end through the loop (pictured below).  Do this until tulle covers the length of the ribbon while leaving room to tie the ends into a bow. *TIP: scrunching the strips tightly together will result in a fluffier tutu.
Fold tulle in half.
Pull tail end through the loop.

That’s it, you’re all done!  Use the excess ribbon on each end to tie the tutu securely around the waist.

Costume ideas for your new DIY Halloween tutu:

Tinker Bell
Lady Bug
Snow White

Click here for more costume ideas!

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