Will You Be My Best Friend?


Currently taking applications for a Best Friend.  

Must love coffee, wine, laughter, sarcasm, and yoga pants.  

best friendLike, seriously – will you be my best friend??

Why is finding a mom friend so hard?  I thought having babies was the hard part. But no, this whole friend thing is such a drag!


I remember seeing a meme about finding friends as a mom and it was like – hey you have kids?  Me too!  Let’s be friends!  

I used to think this was so hilarious, but now I’m all wow that’s so much harder than it looks.  

Sometimes I go to the library story time and “scout” for a friend.  Yep, I’m that weirdo that creeps around sizing people up thinking I wonder if they will laugh at my corniness.  Or, would she judge me after knowing I didn’t bathe for the last three days??

Seriously, guys, it’s the truth!

Why is it so hard to find mom friends?

And I’m not talking about people to just hang out with.  I’m talking about a best friend.  A friend who is actually there through it all.  One of those friends who you can text without feeling like you’re being annoying or who you can be super vulnerable with.  

A friend you can invite over no matter the state of your house.  That’s the friend I’m looking for – so where are you and how I can I find you? 


It’s like dating all over again and I was never good at the whole dating thing.  Like, I was terrible.  So having to “date” a mom is basically my worst nightmare.  Especially because I never know if I’m supposed to take the lead or if I’m supposed to act cool?  Also super sucked at acting cool so I basically come off as a nervous unintelligible dingbat. 

Before I had kids I figured I would find a “mom tribe” at the park like in all the movies.  There I would be minding my own business when poof I’d be transported into the cool crowd of moms walking their babies with super cool music playing in the background. 

We’d be a mom tribe that shared coffee and laughs.  Momming would be amazing!

But, apparently that’s just the movies and here I am still scouring Gymboree for a mom bestie. 

So – if you see me out there, I’m looking for a friend.  But like seriously, will you be my best friend?




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