I Forget That It’s My Child’s Day Too


child's day too anaheim moms blogIt’s so easy for me to forget that the day is my child’s day too.  I have a mental list of all of the things that I need to get done.  

  • Get Breakfast
  • Make lunches
  • Drop off and picks ups
  • Work
  • Clean
  • Laundry
  • The list could literally go on and on

And somewhere in the mix is my two-year-old.  He is truly an amazing kid because he is always up for whatever comes his way.  However, sometimes I wonder if it’s because his whole life has been revolving around everyone else.  He has two older siblings and from the day he was born until now we rarely ever have a day where it’s just us.  

And even if we do have a day where it is just us, I’m trying to get all of my stuff done.

I’m not saying that the world needs to revolve around my two-year-old, but some of it should.  I should.  But I often don’t.

I forget that it’s his day too.

Just this past Monday I did something I wouldn’t normally do.  I looked at all of the open gym play times at our local indoor play areas and decided to go with my little.  Then, as we were about done with the open play I realized that we could make story time at the library.  And so we went.  And it was awesome!

My son had the best time.

Did I get much work done?  Nope!  

Did my son have a great morning with his mom?  Yes!  

Did it matter that almost nothing on my list got done that day? Absolutely not!  

The world didn’t end.  We got takeout for dinner.  And I managed to get a few work-related emails sent after the kids were in bed.

Afterall, isn’t that why I signed up to be a mom?  To have adventures with my kids? To enjoy them?

I don’t know why it is so easy for me to forget that it’s my child’s day too. 

According to my son, we had an amazing day. I need to look at our days more through the eyes of my child rather than my to-do list.  

Sure, not every single day can be picture perfect, but I definitely can try to get the whole balance thing in check.  I can stop feeling guilty when I pause to play instead of finishing another load of laundry.  I can just stop shoulding altogether!

I can start celebrating the moments we share.  Enjoying the mess because it means quality time was spent.  Because someday he won’t be two.  And laundry never ends.

It’s his day too.  


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