What’s In Your Breastmilk?

We have partnered with Lactation Lab and City Moms Blog Network to bring you this sponsored post. As always, our opinions are our own!

Breastmilk Lactation LabBreastmilk – from everything I know it’s very nourishing to my baby.  But, to be completely honest – I have ZERO idea what is actually in it.  And while I’ve been told that what I eat or drink may end up in my breastmilk I really don’t know how much or how this will even affect my baby.

That is until I was given the opportunity to try the Lactation Lab test kit.  I actually jumped at the chance to try this because I really wanted to know what was in my breastmilk.  

What is Lactation Lab?

Lactation Lab is an amazing service that tests women’s breastmilk for nutrients, fatty acids, and toxins. I used the kit and I have to say it was so easy – and the results were eye-opening for sure! {More of that in a minute}  Here’s how it works:

  • Pump 2 1oz vials of breastmilk (vials are provided by Lactation Lab)
  • Place vials into the pre-addressed box 
  • Drop the box at the post office
  • Wait for results (which usually takes 3-5 days after the package is received)
  • Read the results

That’s it!

My Results

I consider myself a fairly healthy person.  I try to eat right and exercise, and so I assumed that my results would align with how I thought I was.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  My breastmilk was lacking a lot of vitamins and healthy fats.

Being a mom of a toddler and infant means little time for Mommy, and I don’t always find the time to eat right or take my vitamins. Seeing how low some of my levels of vitamins and omegas were a great reminder that it’s not only affecting me but my daughter as well, and that I really need to make a point to eat healthier and take my supplements. 

I’m so thankful that I was given this opportunity because now I am able to be very mindful of my diet.  I wouldn’t have ever known had I not used Lactation Lab.

And, seeing that my breastmilk was free of toxins gave me peace of mind.  Something I hadn’t really thought about. 

I also love knowing that Lactation Lab was created by a mother who is a doctor – someone who is truly invested in the health of other mothers and their babies.

Having the peace of mind about what your baby is eating as well as improving your own health is invaluable.  Thanks to Lactation Lab I now have the knowledge needed to improve my eating habits and rest easy knowing that I am free of toxins.

You can read more about Lactation Lab and their services here.  And don’t forget to find them on Facebook!