Sometimes Being a Mom is Freaking Hard.


Sometimes being a mom is harder than freaking hard – if I could use stronger language I would.  I don’t know if anyone else can relate and maybe I’m doing this whole thing WRONG, but raising humans can be very difficult at times.

sometimes being a mom is freaking hardWhining
Midnight Feedings
The nothing is every good enough I’m bored why aren’t you entertaining me phase/stage

The other night my husband and I went out for date night.  A rare occasion for sure, but on the drive home I realized that we were going to catch the tail end of the bedtime routine – which of course would mean that my kids would see me.  And by see me I mean want ME. 

By the time I finally crawled into bed after trying all I could to get my boys to go to bed in their own beds, I asked my husband, “are we good parents?”

I mean really, am I a good parent?  I feel like being a mom is so freaking hard sometimes that I must really suck at it because other people don’t seem to look like it’s that hard.

And then there’s the worry.

Worry that they’re in too many activities
Worry that they’re not in enough activities
Worry that I fed them non-organic fruit and forgot to wash it!
Worry that I work too much
Worry that I don’t work enough
Worry that they have too many toys, not enough STEM toys, too much iPad time, not enough coding programs, not enough sunscreen…


I feel bad that maybe my kids are getting the short end of the mom stick.  Like, well – your mom tried.  She wasn’t as amazing as the others, but she gave it the old college effort.

And then there’s the whole trying to teach your children wrong from right and most days I bring my A game, but there are times when I’m like – fine touch the outlet.  See what happens.  Lessons learned through failures are sometimes the best lessons.

Now I understand why my younger brother got away with so much more – because my mom was tired.  Because being a mom is freaking hard!

Even when I’m on vacation away from my children I’m in MOM MODE.  I’ll walk down the street and think – these streets are not suitable for a stroller, or that looks like a fun place I’d take my kids to.

And maybe that explains why being a mom is so freaking hard.  Because I have become a completely and utterly different person.  The transformation that may take some decades happened to me in an instant.  I became a mom.  RESPONSIBLE FOR ANOTHER HUMAN BEING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!

I do believe that the old saying how nothing worth having ever comes easy {or something like that I know I probably butchered it} is true.  Because being a mom is really hard, but it is absolutely amazing.