Stains Don’t Stand A Chance With OxiClean

This post is brought to you by our partners at OxiClean, but as always our opinions are our own!

I have kids therefore their clothes AND my clothes have stains.  There is not a day that goes by where something isn’t spilled on someone!  It is just a part of my life at this point and for a while, I had come to accept that there was nothing I could do about it.

Until I discovered OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pens!

These magic pens, yes I call them magic because that is truly the only explanation for how amazing they are, take care of stains in seconds.

There are many reasons as to why I love these pens

  • I can take them anywhere.  This means I can put them in my purse or bag and anytime I see a stain I can get it out immediately.  Whereas before I wouldn’t be able to do anything until I got home if I remembered!
  • The pen has a scrub brush attached to it which makes getting stains out so much more efficient.
  • No residue! The OxiClean fighting formula doesn’t leave any residue behind which makes fighting stains easy and without a big mess.
  • I’m using OxiClean power.  If you have never used OxiClean I am telling you it will change your life!

For me, I love knowing that no matter where we are or what we are doing I can easily whip out my OxiClean Stain Fighting Pen and take care of any spill that comes my way.

Using the pen is also super simple.

  • Simply remove any excess residue from the stain and place a napkin behind the garment.
  • Then squeeze the pen on the stain and use the scrubber like an eraser to remove the stain

And that’s it!

This pen is a game-changer for any parent.  Fight stains at the airport, on the soccer field, while eating at a restaurant – wherever you are!

If you haven’t tried the amazing stain-fighting power of OxiClean now is the time!  Get an On The Go Stain Fighting Pen today and take care of anything that comes your way!