Everything You Need To Know About Going To An Angels Game This Summer

Angels game

Now that the state is officially reopened, families up and down the coast are looking for fun, family-friendly activities that won’t break the bank. Luckily, here in Orange County, the options are endless. From beaches to theme parks, splash pads to museums, Orange County has it all, including going to an Angels game! 

This year, my family and I celebrated Angels Reopening Day, to give you the scoop for what to expect if you’re headed to an Angels game this season and give you some tips and tricks if you’re bringing the whole family. 


What to Know Before You Go To An Angels Game

Angel Stadium, like many MLB stadiums, rolled out mobile ticket entry. You may already be familiar, but starting this season the MLB Ballpark app is highly recommended for use as your contactless ticket option.

You download your game tickets in the MLB Ballpark app prior to arriving and simply show staff your ticket after security check. 


Check the promotion calendar before buying tickets to save money on souvenirs. Nearly all giveaways are kid-friendly, but be sure to get to the stadium early. Promotion days are very popular game days and giveaways are usually limited to the first few thousand guests or so. 

You can also commemorate special occasions like your child’s first game or birthday with a free online fan certificate. For fans that remember, you used to be able to get these certificates from guest services. But now due to the pandemic, Angel Stadium is only offering these certificates online at the moment. 


What You Can Pack For An Angels Game

Kids make traveling anywhere a little tricky and recently, Angel Stadium updated its Security Guidelines, which may make things even trickier. 


Some key things to note: 

  • Guests can bring food, like peanuts and cracker jacks, as long as it can fit in a one-gallon freezer bag. You can also bring factory-sealed water bottles or sports drinks. And of course, if you have babies, you can bring bottles. 
  • The Angels Stadium Bag Policy is strict. Bags, backpacks, and other carriers are no longer permitted.
  • You can bring a diaper bag or medical bag, such as a bag for your breastmilk pump or other device. You can also bring a clear bag or backpack.


Get To The Stadium Early

Baseball fans near and far have waited a long time to enjoy a game and tickets are going fast. The easiest way to check how packed the park will be is to check how many tickets are left before the game.

If the pickings are slim, plan to head out early. Gates typically open 90 minutes before the first pitch, however, times are subject to change. 


Choose Your Seats Wisely

Summer day games at the Big A can be excruciating in the sun. No lie. If you’re going to a day game, check the weather, bring lots of sunblock, and try your best to avoid buying tickets on the first base side.

Evening games, however, usually enjoy perfect weather but can be quite busy. Opt for an aisle seat to allow convenient access for potty breaks and snack runs. 


Stay Late For Fireworks

Every Saturday night home game, the stadium hosts a free show that is sure to impress. If your kids are old enough to go to bed late on the weekends, I highly recommend staying after the games on Saturday nights to catch the firework show.

If you can’t stay late for fireworks, you may still catch a few if the Angels are hitting ‘em out of the park. 


Enjoy The Angels Game And Have Fun!

Whether the team wins or loses, it’s always a fun time at the Big A. And if you just don’t think you’ll be able to make it to a game this year, you can still root for the Angels at home, with fun online activities and printables perfect for kids. 

For more fun summer activity ideas, check out OC Mom Collective’s Summer Bucket List For Orange County Families!

Everything You Need To Know About Going To An Angels Game This Summer PIN


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