Four Easy Ways To Overcome The New Mom In School Jitters

new mom in school

We have all seen back-to-school commercials on tv. You know, the ones with parents fist pumping and high five-ing each other. These commercials and ads capture all the excitement and joy that comes with the new school year ahead. Yet no one ever shows the other back-to-school perspective.  We never see the first time jitters, insecurities, and stress that comes with being the New Mom In School.

Being the New Mom In School can be challenging for even the most confident person. It can leave you feeling insecure, anxious, and even depressed. Combine those feelings with a new environment and established friendship cliques, and it can all be very daunting.

Over the last 7 years we’ve relocated multiple times, within Australia and the US. That’s made me the New Mom In School more times then I would like.  I know first hand the stress that comes with being the New Mom In School.

As a stay-at-home mom I was the parent in charge of school pick ups and drop offs, which meant from 8:30-3 pm I was left on my own with my 6 month old.

Ladies you can only goo goo gaa gaa with your toddler for so long before you start losing it.

Living in a new location without a familiar network system will teach you a lot about yourself. Quickly, I learned how to comfortably break through the fear of rejection that comes with putting myself out there in order to thrive.

Which brings me to my 4 musts to survive the New Mom In School jitters and help you navigate it with ease in any country.


#1: Don’t hide behind your phone.

The quickest way to miss a friend opportunity is not to focus on the people around you and the now. Eye contact and a good old smile does wonders!


#2: Involve yourself.

The quickest way to meet new people is to volunteer at the school. Not only do the teachers appreciate it and need it, but it’s an amazing way to connect to other moms.


#3: Don’t let social media trap you.

The quickest way to make you feel isolated is to compare your past friendships to your current non-existent ones.


#4: Make the first move!

If you are looking for a coffee buddy, invite them out. You already have an amazing ice breaker…your kids, their class, and school. Now if a one-to-one coffee meet up makes you nervous, set one up in a group and get to know multiple people at one time.


Without a doubt, never forget that you have the power to build relationships.

And if you’re new to Orange County, be sure to check out our Moving To Orange County Guide which has tons of helpful info on local schools, parks, fun things to do, plus more.

Remember most moms are feeling the same way…we have just gotten really good at hiding it. There are amazing friendships to be made. You just have to push through those New Mom In School jitters!