5 Tips To Get Back To Routine After Summer Break

5 Tips To Get Back To Routine After Summer Break

The summer of 2022 is coming to a close and it’s time to get back to routine. For my family, it was a true time of transition with some summer fun activities in between. We started with an adult trip to Las Vegas, to summer camps, to selling our house, to buying a new house, to moving in to a new place.

Now, the first day of school is rapidly approaching, and I CAN NOT WAIT. I can’t wait to take my kids to take the first day of school pictures, making lunches they won’t eat, and starting all the activities. There’s something about all the activities that provide a backbone to start to get back to routine.


I’m craving routine.

All the summer activities are so much fun! No one telling us where to be, we can just show up when we feel like that. After 9 weeks of that and moving, I’m craving my routine. So, I’m going to just start and get going. The first few days are super hard to wake up early and be on time, but we got this mamas.


I’m going to share with you five tips to help you get back into a routine for the new school year:

#1 – Reflect!

Reflect on that rocking summer you had with your family! Write down all the things you accomplished and didn’t accomplish. By doing this, you will see you will remember all the wonderful things that happened for you this summer. Do one for your family and do one for yourself.



#2 – Plan!

Write down all the things you get to do in your new schedule! All the pick ups, drop offs, appointments, schedules. I realized that I was holding all this information in my head. I got a planner (or you could use an electronic calendar). Once I did this, I saw gaps of what I wanted to do, like date nights and workouts and I fit it in. A schedule that doesn’t leave anyone out makes my heart so full.


#3 – Flow!

Yes, go with the flow! Don’t be so hard on yourself if you miss or are late to anything in your routine. Get it in when you can. I plan workouts for myself and sometimes that doesn’t happen, but I try to get some movement done during the day when it fits in. That’s when it was supposed to happen.


#4 – Be Present!

Yes we are chauffeurs for now, but we can enjoy the moments in the car. Make a new playlist for you and your family to listen to in between. I love music and so do my kids. We love Spotify and we get to sing together and it gets them prepped for school or their next activity. Try it!


#5 – Celebrate!

Enjoy all the moments and celebrate them! Moms don’t often celebrate, but we want to. Whatever celebration looks like to you! I love having a dinner out or a movie night at home. I also celebrate me. Maybe it’s getting a manicure or a leisure bike ride. Just celebrate it (in a COVID-safe way). You all are worth it!

You are ready for school to start, right mama? We’ve got this!




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