All My Pregnancies Are Different…Can You Relate?


pregnancies are differentThird pregnancy. You’d think your body has “been there done that!” That is a lie in my case. 

First two pregnancies seemed like a breeze! A cake walk! And I still get questioned, “are you sure you’re having another girl and not a boy?” since this third pregnancy has been ROUGH. 

I don’t remember how I got through high school pregnant with my first!

I know I was tired but not this tired. I was nauseous a bit here and there, thankfully nothing crazy. I’d nap after getting home from school. 

Second one I got more nauseous and threw up a handful of times.

ESPECIALLY when I was cooking! I was tired since I had my oldest to look after, but she allowed me to rest and nap. This was all right before she started kindergarten. So she was home all day and such a sweet little helper.

Towards the end is when it got rough. Two days before I turned 39 weeks and ended up having my second child, I had the craziest heart palpitations! My heart was beating out of my chest and I could not breathe. I felt like passing out, so my mom took me to my doctor and they rushed me to the hospital.

After hours at the hospital and test after test, I never got the results of what caused this issue. The only thing they said was that I was dehydrated and to take it easy. Thanks, already trying! Thankfully baby was fine and she decided to come a week early with no complications. 

Now my third pregnancy.

It’s been like day and night! I found out we were pregnant VERY early since we were trying and I took fertility medication with monitoring tests. So as soon as I took that test – BAM! – I was sick throwing up for over 4 months!

I not only had my oldest to take to school but had my second to look after as well. My second is a wild child and constantly wanting to be on the move. She has also been the sweetest and trying to take care of me just like her big sister. After the “morning sickness” (more like all day and night sickness), I thought things were going to get better.

But afterwards, every month I started have the heart palpitations again at least one time. 


First episode

I woke up early in the morning with the heart palpitations, was super nauseous, and so dizzy I had to crawl just to get to the bathroom. My heart rate was also very high. Thankfully it was the weekend and hubby was off to help with the girls. This lasted over 6 hours! It somehow got better. I had my doctor appointment the next day and my doctor couldn’t figure this out as well. My bloodwork came back fine. 


Second episode

I woke up in the middle of the night. Same heart palpitations, and my heart rate was again super high. My Apple Watch went off, and this time I could hardly breathe. I started to panic a little and cried. I somehow calmed down and fell back to sleep.

Again when I went to my doctor appointment the following day, this time she got me to see a cardiologist. After more tests and being on a heart monitor for over a month, guess what? No answers! But I’m super appreciative how my doctor has gone above and beyond to help me. 


Thankfully no more episodes as of now and it’s the final few weeks until our third baby girl arrives.

It’s crazy how our bodies go through so much! I thought pregnancy would have gotten easier since your body has already gone through it. But for me it’s been the opposite and each one has been different. Can you relate?

pregnancies are different