5 Important Things From My Last Pregnancy Bucket List

5 Important Things From My Last Pregnancy Bucket List

One of the blessings of living through the COVID pandemic was our last pregnancy. We had always wanted three, but the timing had never been right and with two young kids in tow. We had always been too busy to really think about expanding our family. Well, we took a chance and found out that we were pregnant with our third baby (and our last baby). It was such a blessing, and knowing that it was our last one, I wanted to savor each and every moment.


I created a pregnancy bucket list and hope some of these ideas inspire you during your pregnancy journey:


#1 – Pregnancy Announcement

There are so many fun ways to announce your pregnancy and it doesn’t necessarily have to be to a big audience (if social media is not your thing). People are often delighted to hear baby news.

You can do a simple announcement to grandparents with a simple bib or onesie (“best grandma ever,” “we’re outnumbered,” etc.) to a creative post on social media. We chose to announce our pregnancy to our family on Christmas with pictures of our ultrasound in a cute wrapped box. We also did a fun post with the two children on Instagram and Facebook to announce to friends.


#2 – Maternity Photos

I’m part of that percentage of women who loves being pregnant, and I wanted to capture this moment in my life with this item from my pregnancy bucket list. So I’m going to do a maternity photoshoot with a local photographer at Spark Studios. The beauty of this studio is they do mini sessions (swift sessions) and have onside maternity gowns so I don’t have to stress about buying an outfit.

There are so many maternity photographers out there with a wide range of styles, locations, and prices.


#3 – Nursery

With our last being my third child, I’ve learned what to spend money on, what not to spend money on, and how to maximize our nursery budget. I had been wanting to renovate some of our walls anyway, so I used most of our nursery budget on a board and batten wall and light fixture. I was lucky to get some hand-me-downs from kids and I was able to reuse some of our old nursery items like our glider.


#4 – Baby Sprinkle

With my firstborn, we had a huge co-ed baby shower with family, friends, etc. With my daughter, we had a women-only baby shower which still included friends, family, etc.

Having a celebration is still on my pregnancy bucket list, so this time around my closest friends threw a very, very intimate baby sprinkle at a local restaurant patio with less than 10 people.

The beauty of this “type” of sprinkle is quality time with my nearest and dearest. It’s not about the hoopla, the raffles, the big games, and activities. It’s about quality time with my best friends while celebrating the arrival of my last baby.


#5 – Babymoon

My husband and I did a one night getaway to Palm Springs and stayed at the Korakia Pensione and it was absolutely dreamy.

It was an adult-only getaway. We were able to lay by the pool, enjoy good food and read a book without interruptions. We were able to talk about our future goals. It was perfect and much needed before our newest addition.


These are the top items on my last pregnancy bucket list.

The beauty of preparing for a third child is that you’ve gone through the process. You’ve learned about the essential items and non-essential items. You’ve learned about what items to spend on and what not to. In a lot of ways, you’re wiser but the enthusiasm and excitement are still there but the difference is you can breathe and relax a little more in anticipation for the last baby.

Hope these ideas helped inspire you to create your own pregnancy bucket list!

5 Important Things From My Last Pregnancy Bucket List PIN

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Allison Melanio
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